Watching The Moon
Nathan S4 E34
Songlet by Nathan Foley
Series: 4
Episode: 34
Album: Celebrate
DVD: -
Before: Chicken Pox
This: Watching The Moon
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Hi-5 Moon song01:10

Hi-5 Moon song

Watching The Moon is a songlet from Series 4 by Nathan Foley.


I love watching the moon
It visits me at night
Sometimes it's crescent
A tiny curl of light
Grows into a half moon
Each night a little more
Until it's a full moon
With a face we [...].

Then it starts to fade away
[...] its bright light
Half moon, crescent moon
Until the new moon night
Dark new moon hides from our eyes
And peeps into the sky
Once again the silver crescent
Visits me at night.

I love watching the moon.

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