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Turn The Music Up! is the 11th Hi-5 album in 2010, released by Sony Music. It nominated the 2011 ARIA Music Award for Best Children's Album but lost to The Wiggles' Ukulele Baby.

Track ListeningEdit

Songs with LyricsEdit

  1. Martian Groove - Hi-5
  2. Backyard Adventurers - Hi-5
  3. The Dancing Bus - Hi-5
  4. Hi-5 Farm - Hi-5
  5. Hey Presto! - Hi-5
  6. Stand Up Tall On Tippy Toes - Hi-5
  7. Happy House - Hi-5
  8. Turn The Music Up! - Hi-5
  9. Toy Box - Hi-5


  1. My Best Friend - Hi-5
  2. Thor The Viking - Tim Maddren
  3. Stars Of The Night - Lauren Brant, Fely Irvine & Casey Burgess
  4. Two Words - Casey Burgess
  5. Sleepy Bear - Stevie Nicholson
  6. Sea Symphony - Tim Maddren
  7. Swish, Swish, Swish - Hi-5
  8. Winter In The Garden - Fely Irvine
  9. Bananas About Bananas - Hi-5
  10. Play Like A Caveman - Hi-5
  11. Yawning - Lauren Brant

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