Triple Treat
Front Cover Box Set


June 14. 1999, October 11, 1999 and March 11, 2000


Move Your Body, Summer Rainbows and Star Dreaming


Roadshow Entertainment

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Party Pack

We couldn’t squeeze the best of Hi-5 on to one video… So we’re given you three! It’s the ultimate Hi-5 collector’s box set – all singing and dancing you’re come to love from Hi-5 – wrapped up into a specially packed packaged bumper edition eztravaganza! So join Kathleen, Kellie, Charli, Nathan and Tim as they show you how to “Move Your Body” follow “Summer Rainbows” and take you “Star Dreaming”.

Songs IncludeEdit

Move Your BodyEdit

Summer RainbowsEdit

Star DreamingEdit

3 VHS Tapes Edit

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