Trấn Thành
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Member from Chào Bé Yêu
Birth name: Huỳnh Trấn Thành
Date of birth: February 5th, 1987
Place of birth: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Segment: -
Years active: 2012
Series: 1
Episodes: TBA
First episode: TBA
Last episode: TBA
Replaced: -
Replaced by: -

Trấn Thành was a member of Chào Bé Yêu. He is a presenter, comedian and film actor Vietnam. He is also married to Vietnamese-Korean singer, Hari Won.


Trấn Thành was born and raised in the city of Ho Chi Minh, his father was Chinese and his mother was the Tien Giang, Trấn Thànhcan speak Vietnamese, Cantonese and English. According studied Dramatic Film actor, Trấn Thành is better known as MC. Trấn Thành award-3 contest TV presenter in 2006. He successfully shown flexibility, humor in the way the program guide as: Cứ nói đi (the program for foreign friends to learn Vietnamese), Cầu vồng nghệ thuật, Thử thách cùng bước nhảy and Gala cười 2011 hay liveshow Quang Lê: Hát trên quê hương.

Trấn Thành likely imitated others; he may assume vocals, voice of many singers, famous artists such as: singer Lam Trường, singer Duy Mạnh, singer Thanh Lam, singer Hồng Ngọc, NSƯT Việt Anh, NSƯT Thành Lộc, nghệ sĩ Việt Hương, nghệ sĩ Minh Nhí, Chinese artists Minorities and People's artist Le Thuy. Also thanks to Trấn Thành imitated referee became the voice actors with ease, he has voiced the animated movie Stuart Little Soc 3, Madagascar 3: Europe Idol, Despicable Me 2 and Hand super speed racing.