Tanika Anderson
Hi-5 perfil tanika
Member from Hi-5 House
Birth name: Tanika Anderson
Date of birth: January 8th, 1994
Place of birth: Bangkok, Thailand
Segment: Word Play
Years active: 2014-2016
Series: 2-3
Episodes: 50
First episode: Amazon jungle
Last episode: Cooperation and communication
Replaced: Lauren Brant
Replaced by: Courtney Clarke

Tanika Anderson was born on January 8, 1994 is the member of the childrens group, Hi-5 between April 2014 when recorded the season 15 and December 2016 when she is no longer part of the group. She's Stevie Nicholson's girlfriend when he began to approach after announcing his departure in August 2015. She announced that she is leaving the group in December 2016. The last performance was at Marina Bay Sands.

Today, Tanika is part of the new Children's gospel TV series called Two By 2, in which it is directed by Greg Page (The Wiggle's former member), along with Chris White