Tường Vy
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Member from Chào Bé Yêu
Birth name: Đinh Thụy Tường Vy
Date of birth: February 23rd, 1989
Place of birth: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Segment: -
Years active: 2012
Series: 1
Episodes: TBA
First episode: TBA
Last episode: TBA
Replaced: -
Replaced by: -

Tường Vy was a member of Chào Bé Yêu. Her real name is Dinh Thuy Tường Vy (born February 23 1989) is an actress Vietnam. She is best known for films like Bỗng dưng muốn khóc, Tóc rối, Cá Rô, em yêu anh!, Về quê cưới vợ, Túm cổ đại gia, Kẻ thù giấu mặt and Cô Thắm về làng.

Biography and careerEdit

At 16, Tường Vy is invited to take notice. Then step on the path Tường Vy art as model photos in newspapers like Mực Tím and Hoa Hoc Tro.

Next, Tường Vy participated in a small role in the TV series Bỗng dưng muốn khóc directed by Vu Ngoc Dang, that has left a deep impression with the audience through iconic characters and obnoxious Loan shrewd. From here, Tường Vy officially became a real actor. She continued to leave much impression with the audience through a series of blockbusters like Tóc rối, Cá Rô, em yêu anh!, Kẻ thù giấu mặt. She is the young actor completely immune to scandals. Understanding the way your art is going with innumerable difficulties, temptations around, Tường Vy chose a safe way with the famous real capacity of myself because she understands that the price of fame is very expensive. Although always in the role of personality in real life but met Tường Vy, we again impressed with the girls or a friendly smile. In the opinion of many actors, Tường Vy is very professional and very sweet role.