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CG-style Sun Park Hi-5
Birth name Sun Park
Born January 3, 1980
Origin South Korea
Activities Singer, Actress
Seasons 9-10
Episodes: 90
First episode: Babies
Last episode: Team Player
Years: 2006-2008
Hi-5 perfil sun
Sun Pezzimenti (née Park) is a Korean born Australian entertainer, and a former member of the children's musical group Hi-5. In 2006, she was originally a temporary replacement for Kathleen de Leon Jones, who went on maternity leave. However in July 2007, Kathleen announced that she would not be returning, in order to devote her time to raising a family. Therefore, Sun took over her place permanently.

In December 2008, Sun announced that she would be leaving Hi-5 in order to concentrate on settling down and starting a family. She also expressed that she felt she was only ever meant to be a temporary replacement for Kathleen.

Sun graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance. and appeared in the Brisbane and Sydney seasons of Mamma Mia!. Before her stint with Hi-5, she toured with the live act BPM - Beats Per Minute that fused funk, rock, jazz and hip hop music, and worked with the Australian band Rogue Traders.

As an actress she appeared in the 2007 Australian movie The Jammed, and reprises the role of Main character Rubi. She has also appeared many other Australian shows.

In 2008, Sun Married Nathan Pezzimenti.



  • Sun was replaced by Fely in 2009.
  • Sun became a main member in early 2007.
  • Sun holds being in the group for only 2 years and 2 seasons with 90 episodes.
  • The only non original member who departed from Hi-5 before second generation.
  • The hi5 cast ever with the shortest periods (only 2 years) and starred in the least series than other casts ever.

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