Summer Rainbows + Move Your Body
Hi-5 Move Your Body Summer Rainbows
Front Cover


February 18, 2003


Roadshow Entertainment

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Playing Cool + Five Alive

Two Hi-5 1999 video are Summer Rainbows and Move Your Body by Roadshow Entertainment.

Songs IncludeEdit

Summer RainbowsEdit

Move Your BodyEdit


Summer RainbowsEdit

Summer Rainbows title card opening and Living In A Rainbow music video. Tim's

Move Your BodyEdit

We're Hi-5 is a song in 1999 and Hi-5 theme is a song from Series 1 in 1999. Charli says "Hi, I'm Charli" introduces his name, Tim says "Hi, I'm Tim", Kellie says "Hi, I'm Kellie",

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