Stars Of The Night
Stars Of The Night
Songlet by Lauren Brant, Fely Irvine & Casey Burgess
Series: 12
Episode: TBA
Album: Turn The Music Up!
DVD: -
Before: Thor The Viking
This: Stars Of The Night
Next: Two Words
Hi-5 Stars of the night00:54

Hi-5 Stars of the night

Stars Of The Night is a songlet from Series 12 by Fely Irvine, Casey Burgess and Lauren Brant.


Hey, hey
We're shining bright
Hey, hey
Supreme stars of the night
We sparkle and twinkle
We're a glowing light
Shimmy angels of the night
Hey, hey
We'll shine on down
Night magic, sweet sleepy sounds
We're shining bright
With a silvery glint
And a wink goodnight.

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