Star Dreaming
Star Dreaming
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March 13, 2000 (VHS) and April 9, 2002 (DVD)

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Star Dreaming is the third Hi-5 Australia video in 2000, released by Roadshow Entertainment. And DVD released on April 9, 2002.

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Special Features on this DVDEdit

  • Hi-5 Karaoke Songs
  • Sharing Stories
  • Songs of the Week
  • Audio Commentary - Commentary by Helena Harris and Helen Martin
  • Character Scene Select
  • Previews - Videos are Playing Cool Five Alive, Snow Party Music Machine Animal Adventures, Summer Rainbows, Move Your Body and Cushion Kids: Meet The Kids.
  • Available on CD and Cassette - 4 Hi-5 CDs are Jump and Jive with Hi-5, It's a Party, Boom Boom Beat and It's a Hi-5 Christmas.


  • Dream On
  • TIM travels to meet the silver stars and they sing together.
  • CHARLI imagines how life would be on the silvery moon.
  • KATHLEEN builds a rocket of tins.
  • CHARLI pretends to be the moon bunny.
  • NATHAN dresses up as a super hero.
  • KELLIE and Chats look at the silver stars and talk about them.
  • SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about three friends (Kellie, Tim and Kathleen) who travel by a flying carpet to cloud land (Charli's place).
  • You And Me (tour version)
  • TIM makes sun, moon and shooting stars music.
  • CHARLI catches shooting stars.
  • KATHLEEN makes a picture of the world with different colours, from the grass to outer space.
  • NATHAN pretends to travel to the moon.
  • CHARLI pretends to be a star.
  • KELLIE and Chats watch at stars and sing to them.
  • SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a turtle (Kathleen) afraid of darkness inside her shell, her friends (Kellie the duck, Tim the dog and Charli the bird) help her to overcome her fear.
  • In A Different Place
  • Night Time, Sleep Time

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  • During the credits, it shows the instrumental version of Night Time, Sleep Time instead of the Hi-5 Theme reprise.