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Spin Me 'Round
CD Spin me round
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Sony Music

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Spin Me 'Round is the 10th Hi-5 album in 2009, released by Sony Music.

Track ListeningEdit

Songs with LyricsEdit

  1. Happy Monster Dance - Hi-5
  2. Favourite Teddy Bear - Hi-5
  3. Living In A Fairytale - Hi-5
  4. Spin Me 'Round - Hi-5
  5. Zoo Party - Hi-5
  6. Stop, Look, Listen - Hi-5
  7. Let's Get Away - Hi-5
  8. Knock, Knock, Knock - Hi-5
  9. Four Seasons - Hi-5


  1. Fishing Rod - Casey Burgess
  2. Fely The Chef - Fely Irvine
  3. Pop Meerkat Mix - Hi-5
  4. Our Planet Earth - Tim Maddren
  5. Three Eyed Alien - Stevie Nicholson
  6. Ants In My Pants - Lauren Brant, Fely Irvine & Casey Burgess
  7. There's Five Of Us - Hi-5

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