Songs Of The Week are the main songs in each episode. They appear at the beginning and at the end of every five episodes. Some songs of the week had a re-make or a version for another Hi-5 cast. Also every song of the week has a week theme, but since Hi-5 House series there is no more week theme. In Vietnamese version (Chào Bé Yêu), there is just one song of the week (Some Kind Of Wonderful).

After the Song of the Week is sung at the beginning of each episode, each member introduced themselves and ended with all members saying "And together were Hi-5." The Song of the Week at the end of each episode includes credits of the members of the group.

List of songs of the weekEdit

Australian Cast (1999-2011)Edit

Series 1 (1999)Edit

Series 2 (2000)Edit

Series 3 (2001)Edit

Series 4 (2002)Edit

Series 5 (2003) Edit

Series 6 (2004)Edit

Series 7 (2005)Edit

Series 8 (2006)Edit

Series 9 (2007)Edit

Series 10 (2008)Edit

Series 11 (2009)Edit

Series 12 (2010)Edit

Series 13 (2011)Edit

Hi-5 House Cast (2013-2016)Edit

Series 1 (2013)Edit

Series 2 (2014)Edit

Series 3 (2016)Edit

Australian Cast (2017-present)Edit

Series 17 (2017)Edit

American Cast (2003-2007)Edit

Series 1 (2003)Edit

Series 2 (2005)Edit

Series 3 (2007) CancelledEdit

British Cast (2008)Edit

Series 1 (2008)Edit

Chào Bé Yêu (2012)Edit

Series 1 (2012)Edit

Hi-5 Fiesta Cast (2015-2016)Edit

Series 1 (2015)Edit

Series 2 (2016)Edit

Philippine Cast (2015-2016)Edit

Series 1 (2015)Edit

Series 2 (2016)Edit



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