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Sing It Loud! is the 12th Hi-5 album, released in 2011 by Sony Music. This is the album from Hi-5 with members Fely Irvine, Tim Maddren, and Casey Burgess. It is the first (and perhaps the only) album of remake songs from first generation cast. No remake songlet present in Series 13 was added in the recent CD. it was nominated the 2012 ARIA Music Award for Best Children's Album but lost to The Wiggles' Surfer Jeff.

Track ListeningEdit

  1. L.O.V.E. - Hi-5
  2. Ready Or Not - Hi-5
  3. Wonderful - Hi-5
  4. Five Senses - Hi-5
  5. Making Music - Hi-5
  6. Amazing - Hi-5
  7. Underwater Discovery - Hi-5
  8. Robot No. 1 - Hi-5
  9. Wish Upon A Star - Hi-5