Rabbit Dream
Kellie S2 E16
Songlet by Kellie Crawford
Series: 2
Episode: 16
Album: It's A Party
DVD: Animal Adventures
Before: Sawubona
This: Rabbit Dream
Next: Rainy Day Today
Hi-5 Kellie's bunny dream04:29

Hi-5 Kellie's bunny dream

Rabbit Dream is a songlet from Series 2 by Kellie Crawford.

Lyrics Edit

Last night I had a dream
With the most unusual thing
A big bunny rabbit
Was sitting by a stream
Was chewing on a biscuit
While playing games of cricket
The softest, biggest bunny
That I have ever seen.

Last night I had a dream
With the most unusual thing
That big bunny rabbit
The softest one I've seen
Was dancing the fandango
And then I danced the tango
While chewing on a biscuit
She then put in his pocket
Starting playing chasings
And the one he chased was me.

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