Puzzles and Patterns was presented by Kathleen de Leon Jones from Series 1-8, then by Sun Pezzimenti from Series 9-10, by Fely Irvine from Series 11-13, and by Dayen Zheng from Hi-5 House Series 1-3, and Shay Clifford from Hi-5 2017 series. In other versions by Kimee Balmilero from US series, by Cat Sandion from UK series, by Milena Martínes from Hi-5 Fiesta, and by Alex Reyes from Philippines series.

Intro Description Edit

Series 1:

Coming Soon

Series 2-4:

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Series 5-7:

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Series 8-10:

Coming Soon

Series 11-13:

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Kimee Balmilero:

Coming Soon


Kathleen de Leon Jones
Sun Pezzimenti
Fely Irvine
Dayen Zheng
Kimee Balmilero
Cat Sandion



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