Playing Cool
Playing Cool


November 5, 2001 (VHS) and February 11, 2004 (DVD)

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Playing Cool is the eighth Hi-5 Australia video and DVD in 2001 and 2004, released by Roadshow Entertainment.

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  • All the little kids.


  • Playing Cool
  • You're My Number One
  • TIM pretends to be a rock 'n' roll star.
  • CHARLI pretends to be a pop star parrot.
  • KATHLEEN pretends to be a cool, cool cat making a cool cat drink.
  • NATHAN becomes to be a racing car driver.
  • KELLIE and Chats blow beautiful bubbles.
  • CHARLI pretends to be a balloon floating in the air but then a bee pops her.
  • SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a girl (Kellie) who loves sport and collects posters of her favourite sport stars (Kathleen the gold-medal swimmer, Nathan the best cricket player and Charli the gymnastics champion), and one night Kellie dreams that the sport stars come alive.
  • Let's Get To Work
  • TIM plays reggae music for a soccer game.
  • CHARLI dribbles and kicks pretended balls.
  • KELLIE and Chats ride a bike to the park and the beach.
  • CHARLI plays hopscotch, musical statues, and hide and seek and we have to guess what is she playing.
  • Police officer KATHLEEN finds a lost bag, and she must take it back to its owner.
  • CHARLI warms up before going surfing.
  • NATHAN pretends to be a truck driver.
  • CHARLI pretends to be in a pool.
  • SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a scientist (Charli) who'd like to talk to a fish, then she gets it and meets an angel fish (Nathan), a seahorse (Kellie) and a whale (Tim).
  • I Spy

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