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Planet Earth is the ninth Hi-5 album, released in 2008 by Sony BMG Music Entertainment. It nominated the 2008 ARIA Music Awads for Best Children's Album but lost to The Wiggles' You Make Me Feel Like Dancing.

Track ListeningEdit

Songs with LyricsEdit

  1. Planet Earth - Hi-5
  2. Techno World - Hi-5
  3. When I Grow Up - Hi-5
  4. We're A Family - Hi-5
  5. The Best Things In Life Are Free - Hi-5
  6. Jump And Shout - Hi-5
  7. Abracadabra - Hi-5
  8. Playtime - Hi-5
  9. Come Alive - Hi-5


  1. Welcome - Nathan Foley
  2. Shining Sun - Charli Robinson, Kathleen de Leon Jones & Kellie Crawford
  3. Surfing Safari - Kellie Crawford
  4. Hey Penguins - Tim Harding & Hi-5
  5. Shallow Waters - Kathleen de Leon Jones
  6. Sawubona - Tim Harding & Hi-5
  7. Volcano - Nathan Foley
  8. A Special Place - Charli Robinson
  9. Music Of The Earth - Tim Harding along with Charli Robinson, Kathleen de Leon Jones & Kellie Crawford
  10. The Storm - Kellie Crawford
  11. A Little Rest Kathleen de Leon Jones

Medley RemixEdit

  1. Hi-5 Planet Earth Medley Re-mix - Hi-5

Karaoke VersionEdit

  1. Planet Earth (Karaoke Version)
  2. Techno World (Karaoke Version)
  3. When I Grow Up (Karaoke Version)
  4. We're A Family (Karaoke Version)
  5. The Best Things In Life Are Free (Karaoke Version)
  6. Jump And Shout (Karaoke Version)
  7. Abracadabra (Karaoke Version)
  8. Playtime (Karaoke Version)
  9. Come Alive (Karaoke Version)

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