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Mix It Up!
Mix It Up!
Front Cover

Release Date

July 6, 2006

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Mix It Up! is the 19th Hi-5 Australia DVD, released in July 6, 2006 by Roadshow Entertainment.

Songs IncludeEdit





  • Mix It Up Intro
  • Making Music
  • DJ TIM mixes rap music with country music along with Nathan.
  • KATHLEEN drives a bus and takes her animal friends to the park for a picnic but Jup Jup takes away the steering wheel. 
  • KELLIE and Chats travel by train while playing I spy.
  • CHARLI pretends to be a train.
  • NATHAN runs a cafe opened at night.
  • CHARLI pretends to walk along the city streets and up a hilly area.
  • SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about three buildings (Charli the tallest skyscraper, Nathan the widest museum and Kellie the most interesting greenhouse) that get worried when a builder (Kathleen) comes with planes for a new building.
  • Ch-Ch-Changing
  • KELLIE and Chats invite the Hi-5 band to a BBQ party and Chats asked everyone to bring a plate.
  • Farmer TIM collects the eggs from the hens while he they sing together.
  • Weaver ants NATHAN and Tim build a nest for their ant family.
  • CHARLI makes a queen ant of playdough and lots of little ants too.
  • KATHLEEN sorts fruit to make some patterns.
  • CHARLI makes some orange juice.
  • SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a queen bee (Kellie) who feels like something new to eat instead of honey, so the worker bees (Tim, Kathleen and Nathan) look for anything for her.
  • Home Sweet Home

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