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Hi-5 USA Making Music dvd
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June 26, 2007

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Making Music is the sixth Hi-5 USA DVD, released in 2007 by Well Go USA Inc.

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  • Making Music
  • DJ CURTIS makes music for the Hi-5 band.
  • KARLA dances disco.
  • JENN skips the rope while Chats sings a song that has a surprise in it.
  • KARLA plays a jumping, hopping and skipping game.
  • KIMEE does different hat dances.
  • SHAUN becomes Super Active and shows his whole costume.
  • KARLA dances tap.
  • SHARING STORIES: Jenn tells us a story about a girl (Karla) who gets a pair of jet powered rocket boots, so she can visit her friend from Alaska (Curtis) and her friends from the tropical jungle (Kimee and Shaun).
  • Robot Number 1
  • Busy bee CURTIS finds fresh flowers and full of pollen and tells the others bees (the Hi-5 band) how to get there.
  • JENN shows Chats a marionette and then she pretends to be one.
  • SHAUN and the Hi-5 band practice synchronized swimming.
  • KIMEE decides a circus trick to perform.
  • Stumble and Bumble (KARLA and Curtis) clown around.
  • SHARING STORIES: Shaun tells us a story about three dazzling ducks (Kimee, Karla and Jenn) that want a new dancer to join them and they put on an audition, but they get surprised when a disco cat (Curtis) arrives instead of a duck.
  • Feel The Beat