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Making Music was the album in 2005, released by Sony BMG Music Entertainment. It was released in 2005 and features a number of singers from around the world. It nominated the 2005 for an ARIA Music Award for Best Children's Album but lost to The Wiggles Live Hot Potatoes.

Tracking ListeningEdit

Songs with LyricsEdit

  1. Making Music - Hi-5
  2. Come Around To My Place - Hi-5
  3. T.E.A.M. - Hi-5
  4. Action Hero - Hi-5
  5. Some Kind Of Wonderful - Hi-5
  6. Home Sweet Home - Hi-5
  7. Planet Disco - Hi-5
  8. Rainbow 'Round The World - Hi-5
  9. Ch-Ch-Changing - Hi-5


  1. Welcome - Nathan Foley
  2. Space Journey - Kathleen de Leon Jones
  3. What Sound Is That? - Kellie Crawford
  4. Two Is Better Than One - Tim Harding & Nathan Foley
  5. Wonderful Day - Charli Robinson
  6. Pirate Teddies - Hi-5
  7. Looking For A Friend - Chatterbox (Erin Marshall) & Jup Jup (Tim Harding)
  8. Shooting Stars - Kathleen de Leon Jones
  9. Big Bee Bop - Tim Harding & Hi-5
  10. Dancing Blankets - Charli Robinson
  11. What Shall I Be - Kellie Crawford
  12. Gallant Prince Of Knights - Nathan Foley
  13. Boot Scootin' Forever - Hi-5
  14. Rainbow Lorikeet - Kellie Crawford
  15. Luckiest Girl - Charli Robinson
  16. A Special Place - Kathleen de Leon Jones
  17. Lighthouse - Nathan Foley

Karaoke VersionsEdit

  1. Making Music (Karaoke Version)
  2. Come Around To My Place (Karaoke Version)
  3. T.E.A.M. (Karaoke Version)
  4. Action Hero (Karaoke Version)
  5. Some Kind Of Wonderful (Karaoke Version)
  6. Home Sweet Home (Karaoke Version)
  7. Planet Disco (Karaoke Version)
  8. Rainbow 'Round The World (Karaoke Version)
  9. Ch-Ch-Changing (Karaoke Version)

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