Make A Wish
Make A Wish
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June 21, 2012

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Make A Wish is the 36th Hi-5 Australia DVD, released in June 21, 2012 by Roadshow Entertainment.






  • Wish Upon A Star (remake)
  • STEVIE becomes Starman and helps the moon to find his stardust.
  • LAUREN goes starfishing.
  • FELY imagines being a mermaid.
  • Fairy LAUREN helps Fely to find her friend.
  • CASEY and Chats imagine the starfish living up in the sky.
  • Penguin TIM conducts the Hi-5 penguin band.
  • STEVIE becomes a bird watcher and looks for very special birds.
  • LAUREN pretends to be a cicada leaving her small shell.
  • TIM talks to a talking tree (Fely).
  • SHARING STORIES: Lauren tells us a story about a squirrel (Casey) who doesn't look for nuts but he sings songs instead, though his squirrel friends (Fely, Tim and Stevie) advice her that winter is coming and she must have enough nuts. The hidden treasure is a birds nest.
  • Making Music (remake)
  • FELY learns a hip hop dance routine from a chart but Jup Jup takes it away.
  • LAUREN and Fely do a bush dance.
  • CASEY invents a musical map with pictures on that play a tune.
  • STEVIE and his coo dance a Highland Fling.
  • FELY makes two sock puppets but one gets wet, so she pops it into the dryer.
  • Sock LAUREN looks for her pair.
  • CASEY and Chats take care of a baby potato and they become its mothers.
  • LAUREN makes different animals using her hands.
  • TIM plays a mbira and teaches the Hi-5 band how to say hello (Sawubona) and goodbye (Hamba kahle, sala kahle) in Swazi.
  • SHARING STORIES: Stevie tells us a story about a girl (Fely) who loves her special pillow with a lion, a monkey and a tiger on, but one night she loses it and dreams she visits the jungle, where a lion (Lauren), a tiger (Tim) and a monkey (Casey) show her their favourite things while she looks for the pillow. The hidden treasure is a cuddly teddy bear.
  • Wonderful (remake)

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