Khởi My
Hi-5 perfil khởi
Member from Chào Bé Yêu
Birth name: Trần Khởi My
Date of birth: January 2nd, 1990
Place of birth: Long Khánh, Vietnam
Segment: -
Years active: 2012
Series: 1
Episodes: TBA
First episode: TBA
Last episode: TBA
Replaced: -
Replaced by: -

Khởi My was a member of Chào Bé Yêu. She is a Vietnamese singer. She won the first season of "Your Face Sounds Familiar" in 2013 and first prize in the "Tiếng ca học đường" contest in 2007. She gains a lot of successes from songs such as Vì sao, Gửi cho anh and Người yêu cũ.


During childhood, Khởi My stayed with her mother in Long Khanh town, Dong Nai Province. In 2007, Khởi My's mother moved to Ho Chi Minh City and were difficult financially. But shortly after, Khởi My won the first prize singing school.

After Singing School, Khởi My completely disappeared from the entertainment scene. Until 2009, she began to take on the role as the MC of a channel for young people (Yeah1 TV). In 2010, Khởi My for the hit song Vì sao for which she composed and marked a turning point for the music industry.

In early 2011, formally Khởi My collaboration with MV Production company to produce and release to release a debut album with Đôi cánh songs Hoang Rapper musicians. And by the end of Khởi My was awarded Ca sĩ triển vọng Zing Music Awards. In early 2013, she joined the reality television show familiar face first season and won the prize winner with the most favorite contestant.

Following a familiar face, she and Kelvin Khánh (group La Thang) MV Send him perform. This video was nominated for the 2013 MV Green Wave Award and won music video of the year at Zing Music Awards. Then she played a singer in the film Run My short quick Angels. 2014, Khởi My join the Tây Du Ký movie animated sequel.

Also in 2014, Khởi My continued to receive numerous awards including Pop Awards: Film Video Music There most views. Dong Nhi pass, Hari Won to win Singer's Groundbreaking Online Awards Yan. Reached the Top 30 most outstanding young face by Forbes magazine. In August 2015, launched Khởi My song and music video Dance Pop debut entitled Alone.

In 2015, Khởi My received the Nghệ sĩ của năm prize by Mai Vang Award. Award favorite songs in March with the song Anh Ở Đâu. January 2016, she and rapper MV Vy Dương debut song Nếu Ngày Ấy (composed by Kelvin Khánh). MV reached over a million views on YouTube.

Khởi My is the artist's first Vietnam has 10 million milestones like rolling Fanpage. Khởi My Mini was launched album entitled Đến Bao Giờ. The album contains 3 songs: Nếu Ngày Ấy (Kelvin Khánh composition), and Mưa Rơi Vào Phòng (Bảo Thạch composition). The album topped many weeks on the chart Zing Mp3 and everyone accepted.

In 2016, Khởi My again encroached into the field of cinema. She starred in the film Mặt Nạ Máu by director Đỗ Thành An. Khởi My first fansite is: Stand by MY.

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