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Hot Hits!




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Hot Hits! is the greatest Hi-5 House album, released in 2014 by Sony Music on iTunes in Australia. And also the new studio album CD called "Hi-5 Hot Hits!" released this year, the labels are ABC Kids and ABC Music distributed by Universal Music Australia is coming up soon.

Track ListeningEdit

  1. Come On In! - Hi-5 House
  2. Move Your Body - Hi-5 House
  3. Grab Your Dream - Hi-5 House
  4. So Many Animals - Hi-5 House
  5. Dance With The Dinosaurs - Hi-5 House
  6. Starburst - Hi-5 House
  7. Give Five - Hi-5 House
  8. It's Our Planet - Hi-5 House
  9. It's A Party - Hi-5 House
  10. Playtime - Hi-5 House

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