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Welcome to Hi-5 TV Wikia. The Hi-5 is a children's TV program, presented by five youths who sing, dance, teach to make different sounds and tell stories. Hi-5 TV Wiki is an encyclopedia that stores information, pictures, videos and pages only the existing franchise to 15 years. The Hi-5 TV has 1,428 articles with currently editing, and 11,026 files, but there are still many to fully complete. So you too can start to contribute on this wikia! You may need to have a user account.

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Lachie · Courtney · Shay · Bailey · Joe
Kellie · Charli · Nathan · Tim I · Kathleen · Sun · Fely · Casey ·Tim II ·Lauren ·Stevie · Ainsley · Gabe· Chris· Dayen· Mary· Tanika
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Kimee · Jenn · Shaun · Karla · Curtis · Yasmeen · Sydney
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Emma · Jenny · Chris · Luke · Cat
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Hoà · Khởi · Kim · Trấn · Tường
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Javi · Stefi · Mile · Caro · Rodri
Fred · Aira · Alex · Rissey · Gerard

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