Other worlds
Infobox Underwater Discovery
Cast: Nathan Foley
Kathleen de Leon Jones
Tim Harding
Charli Robinson
Kellie Crawford
Directed by: Ian Munro
Written by: Lisa Hoppe
Leone Carey
Ray Boseley
Anne Kenyon
Chris Phillips
Cameron Clarke
Aired: June 4, 2003
Song of the Week: Underwater Discovery
Week Theme: Discovery
Before: Mysteries
This: Other worlds
Next: Fantasy
Hi-5 Season 5 Episode 4333:01

Hi-5 Season 5 Episode 43

Other worlds is the forty-third episode from Hi-5 Series 5.


  • KATHLEEN makes pictures of star shapes.
  • CHARLI does stary stretches.
  • KELLIE and Chats pretend to visit Planet Opposite.
  • CHARLI finds different words to say that something is big or small.
  • TIM skydives while he hears the sound of the wind.
  • CHARLI and Kellie play with a sheet.
  • NATHAN makes his own universe.
  • CHARLI makes a little spaceship.
  • SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a school at the bottom of the sea, Mrs. Eel (Kellie) sends her students (Tim the octopus, Nathan the anglerfish and Kathleen the seahorse) to find something special to bring back to class.


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