I love to make
Infobox L.O.V.E. 2003
Cast: Kellie Crawford
Nathan Foley
Charli Robinson
Tim Harding
Kathleen de Leon Jones
Directed by: Russell Burton
Written by: Lisa Hoppe
Leone Carey
Ray Boseley
Anne Kenyon
Chris Phillips
Cameron Clarke
Aired: May 8, 2003
Song of the Week: L.O.V.E.
Week Theme: Happy
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This: I love to make
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Hi-5 Season 5 Episode 2433:01

Hi-5 Season 5 Episode 24

I love to make is the twenty-fourth episode from Hi-5 Series 5.


  • NATHAN hangs socks on a clothes rack but he finds out it looks like a robot.
  • CHARLI flaps the socks to dry them off.
  • KATHLEEN makes a butterfly cake for Charli.
  • CHARLI makes different animals using her hands.
  • Chats sings a song while KELLIE acts like a tape recorder and tries to remember the whole song.
  • CHARLI makes a dance and then she tries to remember everything she did.
  • TIM makes a musical kite.
  • CHARLI turns her hand into a kite.
  • SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a girl (Charli) who makes a remote control that speeds up the time, so when her father (Nathan) asks her to tidy up her bedroom, she can do it very fast, but when her friends (Kellie and Tim) are coming for her birthday, the remote control gets out of control and the party goes so fast.


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