Long ago
Infobox Build It Up
Cast: Kathleen de Leon Jones
Kellie Crawford
Charli Robinson
Tim Harding
Nathan Foley
Directed by: Russell Burton
Written by: Lisa Hoppe
Leone Carey
Ray Boseley
Anne Kenyon
Cameron Clarke
Aired: April 24, 2003
Song of the Week: Build It Up
Week Theme: Building
Before: Tools
This: Long ago
Next: Gardens
Hi-5 Season 5 Episode 1433:01

Hi-5 Season 5 Episode 14

Long ago is the fourteenth episode from Hi-5 Series 5.


  • NATHAN pretends to be a viking building a pen.
  • CHARLI pretends to climb a spiral staircase.
  • KELLIE and Chats pretend to be from Ancient Rome and they make a sun clock.
  • CHARLI makes a fan.
  • TIM rings different kind of bells.
  • CHARLI moves to different bells beat.
  • KATHLEEN does an Ancient Egypt dance and Jup Jup changes the words of the song.
  • CHARLI does Ancient Egypt moves.
  • SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a boy (Tim) who likes dressing up as a knight, he waits for his friends (Kellie and Kathleen) along with his mother (Charli) because there will be a knight sleepover.



  • Ancient Rome was originally an Italic settlement dating from the 8th century BC that grew into the city of Rome and which subsequently gave its name to the empire over which it ruled and to the widespread civilisation it developed. [1]
  • Ancient Egypt was a civilization of ancient Northeastern Africa, concentrated along the lower reaches of the Nile River in what is now the modern country of Egypt. [2]

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