Infobox Give It A Go
Cast: Charli Robinson
Nathan Foley
Kellie Crawford
Tim Harding
Kathleen de Leon Jones
Directed by: Ian Munro
Written by: Liz Arvidson
Leone Carey
Emma-Jane Dann
Lisa Hoppe
Chris Phillips
Angela Webber
Aired: May 6, 2002
Song of the Week: Give It A Go
Week Theme: Ideas
Before: I can fix it
This: Inventions
Next: Imagination
Hi-5 Season 4 Episode 1634:01

Hi-5 Season 4 Episode 16

Inventions is the sixteenth episode from Hi-5 Series 4.


  • TIM builds a musical dog house for his dog, Jock.
  • CHARLI invents a new dance for Jock.
  • NATHAN invents a mood-o-meter, so he'll be able to know how he feels.
  • CHARLI adds a goofy face for Nathan's mood-o-meter.
  • KELLIE invents a musical map with pictures on that play a tune.
  • CHARLI dances like a cloud.
  • KATHLEEN makes a clock that tells her which activity she has to do.
  • CHARLI hangs the clothes up to the tick tock beat.
  • SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a girl (Kathleen) who invents a robot (Tim) that tidies up her bedroom when her father (Nathan) asks for it, then her mother (Kellie) washes the car and Kathleen makes the robot do it.



  • During third Charli's segment, she wore the same tutu from Robot Number 1.

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