Hi-5 House Party Tour
Hi-5 House party
Show by Hi-5
Associated series: Hi-5 House Series 1
Associated album: Hot Hits!
Start Date: 01/11/2013
Tour Theme: Hi-5 House
Cronology by Hi-5
Before Tour: Hi-5 Holiday! Tour
This tour: Hi-5 House Party Tour
Next Tour: Hi-5 House Hits Tour
Hi-5 House cast - Happy New Year!!! (2)

Hi-5 House Party is the most recent tour of Hi-5 House Australian band, performed by members Stevie Nicholson, Lauren Brant, Dayen Zheng, Ainsley Melham and Mary Lascaris. The tour began in November 01, 2013 and runs until 2014. Hi-5’s favourite DJ Chats will be there, spinning the music to keep the party going.


Possible change of repertoireEdit