Hi-5 Holiday! Tour
Show by Hi-5
Associated series: Series 13
Associated album: Sing It Loud!
Start Date: 15-16/12/2012 and 23/12/2012
Tour Theme: Hi-5 Theme
Cronology by Hi-5
Before Tour: Turn The Music Up! Live on Stage
This tour: Hi-5 Holiday! Tour
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Hi-5 Holiday is the most recent tour of Hi-5 Australian band. Performed by Stevie Nicholson, Tim Maddren, Casey Burgess, Lauren Brant and the debutant Dayen Zheng. The theme of this show is the beach and island. The tour began in December 15-16 in SM MOA Center Stage and December 23 in Waterfront Cebu City Hotel in 2012. and runs until the second quarter of 2013. Hi-5’s favourite Parite Chats will be there, sailing on the ship.