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June 11, 2007

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August 10, 2007

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Series 9 premiered on June 11, 2007, on Nine Network. Created by Helena Harris and Posie Graeme-Evans, the original format was produced by Kids Like Us Productions. Kathleen left the group because she had a baby named Mikayla, and Sun replaced her. Also, Tim left due to a motorbike accident, and Stevie replaced him in November 2007. This marks the first appearance of Sun Pezzimenti. In November 2007, this marks the first appearance of Stevie Nicholson, but not yet until Series 10.



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The following is a list of the television episodes featuring the Australian children's television group of Hi-5.

Number Episode title Song of the week Airdate
1 Babies Around The World (world) June 11, 2007
KATHLEEN is having a baby and she introduces us to her friend SUN, who will take Kathleen's space while she looks after her baby. CHARLI becomes a dancing baby. NATHAN tries to find the way to use a Mexican rebozo for Kathleen's baby. CHARLI plays peek-a-boo. TIM plays a lullaby on an African drum for Kathleen's baby. CHARLI does big, small and teenie weenie claps and stomps. Chats pretends to be a crying baby and KELLIE tries to guess what she wants. CHARLI does aqua aerobics. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about four baby animals (Charli the zebra, Sun the lion, Tim the monkey and Nathan the meerkat) that are very good friends and have a special handshake, one day a new baby animal (Kellie) arrives and they try to teach her that handshake.
2 Birthdays Around The World (world) June 12, 2007
KELLIE and Chats travel by plane to say happy birthday to babies around the world. CHARLI pretends to be a plane and she says happy birthday to babies too. SUN gathers the presents for Kathleen's baby shower. CHARLI remembers the Brazilian carnival. TIM makes a Mexican piñata for Kathleen's baby shower and Kellie and Nathan test it out. CHARLI plays big and tiny cymbals. NATHAN makes an animal game for Kathleen's baby shower. CHARLI pretends to be a disco donkey. SHARING STORIES: Chats tells us a story about five friends (Nathan, Kellie, Charli, Tim and Sun) that get a baby shower ready for Kathleen's baby.
3 First day of school Around The World (world) June 13, 2007
NATHAN makes a German schultüte for a friend to take on first day of school. CHARLI pretends to be a schultüte. SUN pretends to have her first day of school in Alaska and she looks for a moose. CHARLI goes skiing. Italian school cook TIM makes a pizza for the first day of school. CHARLI speaks and counts in Italian. KELLIE pretends to have her first day of radio school and Chats pretends to be the teacher. CHARLI pretends to be an elephant. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a bilby (Tim) that has moved from Australia to England and he is afraid of first day of school because he doesn't know anyone, so his mother (Charli) makes a song to make him feel better, and at the school he meets a classmate (Kellie the rabbit) and the teacher (Sun the badger).
4 Meals Around The World (world) June 14, 2007
Chats cooked dishes from around the world and KELLIE renames them. CHARLI pretends to try out some tasty food. NATHAN and Tim are going to the park and they will take their own lunch but Nathan changes Tim's popcorns for a Greek lunch. CHARLI makes a Greek salad. Farmer TIM makes pancakes with maple syrup and he collects it from a tree. CHARLI pretends to be a crow. SUN makes a Korean rainbow cake and she shares it with the Hi-5 band. CHARLI waves some rainbow pompons. SHARING STORIES: Sun tells us a story about a silly family (Charli, Nathan, Kellie and Tim) that celebrate Charli's birthday and they change the routine of the day.
5 Environment and animals Around The World (world) June 15, 2007
NATHAN becomes a toucan and he tells us about himself. CHARLI pretends to be a bilby and a wallaby. KELLIE and Chats play an animal dress-up guess game. CHARLI pretends to be a rock lobster. TIM records whale songs. CHARLI pretends to be a little fish and a big one. SUN pretends to be a zebra in the African savanna but Jup Jup changes the landscape for an Arctic one. CHARLI pretends to be a brown bear. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about an explorer (Kellie) that looks for a weird kind of bird, but she meets two more explorers (Nathan and Sun) that look for another two weird kind of birds and they finally find out that they're looking for the same bird (Tim).
6 Food Happy Today (happy) June 18, 2007
KELLIE looks for a jingle for Chats' super amazing health drink. CHARLI doesn't have energy and she tries out a Chats' super amazing health drink. SUN makes sushi rolls. CHARLI dresses up like a Japanese person. Sea otter TIM teaches sea otter Kellie how to open a shell with a clam inside it to eat. NATHAN runs his own cafe. CHARLI plays with a tablecloth. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about three buskers (Tim, Kellie and Sun) that want to play their own music at the same spot, so they join together and the owner of a cafe (Charli) asks them to play inside her business.
7 Move your body Happy Today (happy) June 19, 2007
NATHAN wants to stay fit and makes his own gym. CHARLI becomes the champion broom weightlifter. Jup Jup gives SUN a balloon and some scarves to play inside. CHARLI does juggling with three scarves. Percussionist TIM plays all instruments by himself. CHARLI tries to keep a beat for the marching band but her arms and legs don't want to keep that beat. KELLIE does animal aerobics. CHARLI pretends to be a goose. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a cowgang (Nathan, Sun and Tim) that go on a lassoing competition but they hadn't done any lassoing before, until a cowgirl (Kellie) teaches them the way to do it well.
8 Routines Happy Today (happy) June 20, 2007
Tim and Kellie contest on NATHAN's TV show: What's that action?, this time the actions are related to daily routines. CHARLI pretends to brush her teeth. SUN makes handprint pictures and then she washes her hands. CHARLI practices the waltz with a doll. TIM warms up to sing and play his guitar and Sun helps him. CHARLI warms up before an opera performance. KELLIE helps Chats to fall asleep. CHARLI sings about stars. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a car wash where Sun, Nathan and Charli work together as a team, until a horse (Tim) asks them for a good clean.
9 What makes me happy? Happy Today (happy) June 21, 2007
KELLIE has a go on Chats' happiness machine. CHARLI's fingers feel different things. NATHAN sings a cowboy song in a karaoke. CHARLI pretends to be a cowgirl. TIM tells us he feels happy when he plays his guitar and his electric guitar too. CHARLI plays Kellie's drum kit. SUN makes a happy smiley face. CHARLI moves her eyes. SHARING STORIES: Sun invents a story about four animals (Kellie the puppy, Tim the budgie, Charli the cat and Nathan the hermit crab), the puppy lost her squeaky toy and she needs it for the pet show parade, so her friends help her to find it.
10 Community carers Happy Today (happy) June 22, 2007
SUN becomes an animal dentist. CHARLI pretends to be animal tooth fairy. NATHAN drives a street sweeper to keep the park clean. CHARLI pretends to be a street sweeper. KELLIE finds the way to deliver meals on wheels. CHARLI finds the way to carry all the things she needs for grandma's house. TIM helps a sad bass to feel better and play jazz music. CHARLI becomes a scat cat. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a super hero (Nathan) that helps everyone, one day three aliens (Charli, Sun and Kellie) from Planet Roundouringo land in the park and they are very hungry, so the super hero tries to get something round for them to eat.
11 Body language Stop and Go (communicate) June 25, 2007
KELLIE makes letters with her body. CHARLI plays a game where she has to act like the faces on a board. Fashion designer NATHAN created an outfit for Kellie and he looks at her expressions of surprise. CHARLI dresses up with all her clothes. TIM makes a musical story playing his guitar and Charli acts it. CHARLI pretends to paddle down the Congo River. SUN becomes a lollipop lady. CHARLI pretends to be an Irish dancing lollipop. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a pig ballet dancing teacher (Kellie) that teaches three pigs (Sun, Nathan and Charli) how to dance for a performance, the day of the performance arrives and they are not sure about the steps and the teacher eats a sticky treat and she can't talk for a while, so she can't remind the pigs what to do.
12 Ways of saying Stop and Go (communicate) June 26, 2007
NATHAN brings the weather report of the rest of the week. CHARLI goes surfing. SUN makes a song and a dance to say 'I love you'. CHARLI gives T.L.C. (Tender Loving Care) to a teddy bear. TIM makes a sporty song and he adds it sporty sounds. CHARLI warms up for gymnastics. KELLIE and Chats have had a quarrel and they try different ways to say sorry to each other. CHARLI tries to find a way to give Tim a big thank you. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a group of knights called the Knights of the knobbly knees (Kellie, Sun and Tim), they visit a castle where a count (Nathan) lives, so they try to surprise him to stop him feeling lonely.
13 Technology Stop and Go (communicate) June 27, 2007
SUN travels to outer space and lands on Planet Jupland. CHARLI posts a letter and sings about communication. Chats invented a mind reading machine and KELLIE imagines how will it be used a hundred years from now. CHARLI pretends to be a robot. TIM listens to his MP3 player and plays a marching, a rap and a surfing tune. CHARLI listens to different sorts of music and she starts feeling like a butterfly and then like a rhino. Someone has been sending shapes messages to NATHAN's computer but he doesn't know who or why. CHARLI becomes a phone operator. SHARING STORIES: Sun tells us a story about a kettle (Kellie) and a toaster (Tim) that live in the kitchen and they hear strange sounds coming from the lounge room, meanwhile in the lounge room, a radio (Nathan) and a vaccum cleaner (Charli) hear strange sounds coming from the kitchen.
14 Animals Stop and Go (communicate) June 28, 2007
NATHAN builds a den for himself disguised as a lion. CHARLI does the lion and the cat poses. SUN shows us the gorilla talk. CHARLI sings about bananas. Dogs TIM, Kellie and Nathan make a dog team cheer for a dogs against cats race. CHARLI tries to train Nathan dog. Chats invents a whistle to call animals but humans can't hear any sound, so KELLIE tries to call a dog. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about three jellyfish (Charli, Tim and Kellie) that like to float in the sea together, but one jellyfish (Sun) is afraid of float with them so she stays holding a the coral and the other jellyfish help her to relax and overcome her fear.
15 The arts Stop and Go (communicate) June 29, 2007
SUN makes a butterfly mobile for her mother. CHARLI pretends to be a pelican. NATHAN sets up all the sculptures for the Hi-5 exhibition and he guesses what they mean. TIM paints a work of art and he finds out that his easel is musical. CHARLI goes up, down and around. KELLIE pretends to be different statues and Chats guesses what action is she doing. CHARLI pretends to be a painting of a ballerina in an art gallery and then she becomes a painting of a scarecrow. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a pirate called Captain Puffy Pants (Tim), he sails the seven seas along with pirate Nathan and a parrot (Charli), one day he sent his pants to the laundry and they became floppy, and when he races Captain High Note (Sun), the pants don't work as a sail.
16 Creatures and things in nature WOW! (amazing) July 2, 2007
KELLIE finds out that Chats' pipes are broken and she can't have a bath, so they imagine living at the bottom of the ocean where they can have hot baths. CHARLI becomes a plumber. NATHAN makes a tall mountain and he pretends to climb it. CHARLI pretends to be a mountain goat. Monkey TIM welcomes some animals for the auditions for the amazing Amazon rainforest choir. CHARLI pretends to be a sloth. SUN makes paper snowflakes. CHARLI catches snowflakes in her jar. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a troll (Sun) who lives under a bridge that always falls down, so she fixes it constantly, until three friends (Nathan, Tim and Charli) break the bridge down and the troll gets grumpy and she uses her magic to turn the kids into different things.
17 People WOW! (amazing) July 3, 2007
KELLIE and Chats imagine how would it be if their great great great grandfathers were friends. CHARLI pretends to look for gold. TIM and his dog (Nathan) climb the Swiss Alps and yodel together to call a friend. CHARLI knits a scarf. NATHAN becomes a bus driver and he carries animals to the country. CHARLI pumps the bike wheels up. SUN cleans a window. CHARLI works at her car wash. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a girl (Sun) who celebrates her birthday and her granny (Kellie) takes her to water park and they go to the seal show, where the trainer (Charli) finds out that the seal (Tim) is sad and he can't make the tricks.
18 Ideas and imagination WOW! (amazing) July 4, 2007
SUN turns her shoes into amazing shoes. CHARLI walks on stilts shoes. NATHAN pretends to go fishing. CHARLI goes fishing for prawns at night. TIM plays a theremin and he imagines himself in a cave along with two fairies. CHARLI plays two sticks like she was inside a cave. KELLIE sets an obstacle course and she runs along it without peeking, so Chats tells her where to go. CHARLI pretends to be a lifeguard. SHARING STORIES: Sun tells us a story about a girl (Charli) who loves her special pillow with a zebra, a lion and a monkey on, but one night she loses it and dreams she visits the jungle, where a zebra (Nathan), a lion (Tim) and a monkey (Kellie) show her their favourite things while she looks for the pillow.
19 Places and building WOW! (amazing) July 5, 2007
SUN climbs a bridge and Jup Jup hides inside her backpack. CHARLI and Sun pretend to be a bridge. Chats pretends to be a pharaoh queen KELLIE pretends to be the chief engineer who builds the pyramid. CHARLI pretends to be a peg person. TIM attends to the music school and each teacher teaches him playing a different instrument. CHARLI dances tango while playing a tambourine. NATHAN travels to the moon. CHARLI pretends to be on the sun. SHARING STORIES: Tim invents a story about a wizard (Nathan) who is visited by his friends (Charli, Sun and Kellie) but he accidentally makes magic tricks on them when he wanted to practice on a block.
20 Bodies WOW! (amazing) July 6, 2007
TIM looks for humming creatures and he records their sounds. CHARLI plays with her garden tappers. Chats guesses the animal that KELLIE has brought. CHARLI pretends to be a stick insect. SUN works at an animal x-ray center. CHARLI pretends to be a fruit bat. NATHAN puts balloons all around his space, making different bodies and things with them. CHARLI does the balloon ballet. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about three sheep (Kellie, Sun and Nathan) that are about to be sheared but Nathan doesn't want to because he loves his wool, so he escapes when the farmer (Tim) arrives to shear them.
21 Old places Time Machine (old and new) July 9, 2007
Ranger NATHAN puts some signs out in front of the trees for people to know their names. CHARLI pretends to be a cactus. KELLIE finds Chats' old box and she asks her to look for something that she might left behind when she moved out. CHARLI pretends to be a venus flytrap. TIM becomes a drummosaurus and plays a beat for his dinosaur friends. CHARLI plays with a dinosaur puppet and then she dances like a dinosaur. SUN makes a castle of cardboard boxes and she pretends to be a princess, but Jup Jup wants her to be a dragon. CHARLI does the dragon cheer. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a royal family (Tim the king, Charli the queen and Sun the princess) that lives in a castle, they have a rest and a squirrel (Kellie) takes out their royal things just the day before the royal possession.
22 People and animals Time Machine (old and new) July 10, 2007
NATHAN plans ball games for a picnic. CHARLI plays with Tim's dog. KELLIE and Chats imagine living in a cave. CHARLI pretends to be a mammoth. Doctor TIM looks after plants, he gives them music medicine. Doctor CHARLI uses movement medicine. SUN looks after African violets. CHARLI watches a sunflower growing. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a dinosaur (Nathan) who always forgets to go to the toilet, so his parents (Sun and Tim) give him a potty and his friend (Charli) helps him making a dino chant.
23 New cities and inventions Time Machine (old and new) July 11, 2007
SUN imagines a magic elevator that takes her to different shops. CHARLI uses an elevator to go to funny floors. NATHAN invents a new machine to send messages around Hi-5. CHARLI plays with the things Nathan sends her. Scientists TIM and Kellie fix a rhyming machine and they test it out. Scientist CHARLI makes a magical mix. KELLIE builds a little city and she names its streets. CHARLI walks around the town with a funky walk. SHARING STORIES: Chats tells us a story about how Tim, Sun, Charli, Kellie and Nathan make the Hi-5 mobile.
24 Treasures Time Machine (old and new) July 12, 2007
SUN digs for a treasure and Jup Jup gives her some old stones that lead her to the treasure. CHARLI puts on different kind of hats. NATHAN and his coo dance a Highland Fling. CHARLI shows us little clogs and normal-sized clogs. TIM imagines being a musician that plays music for a queen. Queen CHARLI dances with her dance partner Nathan. KELLIE imagines being a pirate looking for a treasure and parrot Chats helps her. Pirate parrot CHARLI searches for treasure. SHARING STORIES: Charli invents a story about a sailor (Tim) who has trouble getting to sleep, until a piece of paper flies into the sailor's boat and he finds a treasure map that leads him to an island full of mermaids (Kellie and Sun) and merman (Nathan) with a special sing.
25 Ways of recording experience Time Machine (old and new) July 13, 2007
NATHAN paints pictures of the Hi-5 band and frames them. CHARLI skips the rope. KELLIE smells the Chats' jars of memories and puts them a label on. CHARLI puts on a spare nose. TIM makes sounds for a silent movie. CHARLI Chaplin acts like in an old movie. SUN makes an old recipe and Jup Jup gives her a new one. CHARLI feels like spaghetti. SHARING STORIES: Sun tells us a story about two children (Tim and Charli) that help their parents (Kellie and Nathan) to tidy up the house, until Charli finds an old family photo album and they remember their first ever camping trip in which a teddy bear got lost.
26 Different ways to be brave Strong and Brave (brave and strong) July 16, 2007
Chats is afraid of the storms and KELLIE helps her to overcome her fear. CHARLI pretends to be a storm. Prince of knights NATHAN looks for flowers for a dragon who has a cold but he gets lost in the forest. CHARLI follows a path of flower petals. Elephant TIM plays with a baby elephant (Nathan) and they make a song together. CHARLI pretends to drive a truck as she honks the honk, then she pretends to ride a bike as she rings the little bell. SUN is about to sleep but she starts to hear strange noises and funny shapes appear around. CHARLI plays a super space game. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about two siblings (Sun and Tim) that are going to catch a train to the beach but they accidentally catch one that takes them to the snow, where they meet two penguins (Charli and Nathan) that help them to keep warm.
27 First steps & give it a go Strong and Brave (brave and strong) July 17, 2007
SUN swings through the monkey bars. CHARLI pretends to be a monkey. NATHAN makes a sort of spiderweb and he tries to reach for a treasure before the buzzer goes off. CHARLI pretends to be a spider that looks for another space to weave her web. Hedgehog TIM feels grumpy after waking up from a winter sleep time. CHARLI pretends to be a slater. KELLIE pretends to be Planet Saturn while Chats races in a spaceship. CHARLI pretends to be Planet Saturn. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a lady (Kellie) who wants a portrait of herself, so she holds a painting competition to see who makes the best painting, two famous painters (Nathan and Tim) and a young girl (Sun) arrive there to give it a go.
28 Adventure Strong and Brave (brave and strong) July 18, 2007
NATHAN travels by a canoe in Kakadu and drives a jeep to Uluru. CHARLI pretends to be a mud crab. SUN explores Long-sock bay, looking for a slipper fish. CHARLI slides on slippers. TIM comes from the country and arrives at the city, he makes a song about the new songs he hears. Farmer CHARLI is ready for work. KELLIE and Chats play hide and seek in Chats' place. CHARLI pretends to be a bubble fish. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a little koala (Charli) that watches her mother (Sun) go to the top of the tree where they live, so she tries to climb it too on her own but she meets two friends (Kellie the kookaburra and Tim the possum) along the way.
29 Imagine you can do it Strong and Brave (brave and strong) July 19, 2007
SUN becomes an animal doctor. CHARLI has a tumble-down whoopsy-daisy day. KELLIE tries to lift up a pot but it is too heavy, so she imagines she is at Chats' weight lifting gym. CHARLI pretends to be a sumo wrestler. TIM makes a speedy song while he races his car, so he imagines being a racing car driver. CHARLI pretends to be the flag waver of a big car race. NATHAN paints the biggest sponge painting ever. CHARLI paints with her hands. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about two robots (Charli and Kellie) that have a party and invite their round neighbours (Sun and Nathan), soon they realize how different they dance and they try to do those moves.
30 Circus Strong and Brave (brave and strong) July 20, 2007
NATHAN turns his space into a circus and looks for his special act. CHARLI clown clowns around with a mop clown. KELLIE practices her balancing act and she becomes a tightrope walker. CHARLI does balancing. SUN practices the circus hoop dive. CHARLI practices the plate spinning on a stick. TIM starts the Hi-5 circus parade and everyone gets out from a suitcase. CHARLI and the Hi-5 band do a balancing act together. SHARING STORIES: Sun tells us a story about an fairy and elf magic show, an owl (Tim) is the ringmaster and the fairies (Charli and Kellie) and the elf (Nathan) make their magic wands bigger.
31 Changing looks Switching Around (switching) July 23, 2007
NATHAN turns his room into a sports ground. CHARLI plays fingerball. SUN makes a cake and she turns it into a castle. CHARLI sails on a ship. TIM plays country music and he finds a banjo, Kellie joins him playing a guitar. CHARLI plays a washboard and Tim plays spoons. Chats pretends to be a lady in a carriage and KELLIE pretends to be a highway rider looking for words that start with Q. CHARLI pretends to be a queen who loves the letter Q. SHARING STORIES: Sun tells us a story about a hairdresser (Nathan) who creates special and new hairstyles for three friends (Kellie, Tim and Charli).
32 Animals and nature Switching Around (switching) July 24, 2007
Squirrel TIM celebrates the first day of spring dancing with nature stuff. CHARLI plays with two acorn puppets and then she pretends to be one of them. SUN paints the leaves of a tree. CHARLI pretends to be a cherry blossom. NATHAN imagines being a giraffe and a hippo. CHARLI turns a broom into a giraffe. Chats decides to get a new pet but she changes her mind every time, but KELLIE has got everything she need for any pet. CHARLI pretends to be a rock that puts on a rock show. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a meeting place where busy bugs (Charli the ant, Kellie the stink bug and Sun the spider) can relax, one day a butterfly (Nathan) arrives and asks them to be part of the club, but they don't want him to get into.
33 Energy Switching Around (switching) July 25, 2007
SUN practices taekwondo and burns her energy off in her punching bag. CHARLI practices tai chi stretches. NATHAN becomes Energy Man, he does cleaning jobs that require low and high energy. CHARLI pretends to be a shrimp cleaning up the ocean floor. TIM makes a musical challenge for Nathan. CHARLI listens to the sound of a metronome and matches it with the sound of horses walking and galloping. Chats talks in a basketball way and KELLIE learns the basketball language. CHARLI plays tinball. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about three guinea pigs (Charli, Nathan and Tim) that live in a hutch and they do exercise everyday with a ramp, a step and a wheel, but one day a girl (Sun) that looks after them cleans up the hutch and she takes out the wheel, the ramp and the step for a while, so they find another way to get moving along with the girl.
34 Moving places and houses Switching Around (switching) July 26, 2007
KELLIE becomes a travel agent and Chats asks her for a sunny and warm place. CHARLI hangs around in her hammock. NATHAN builds a house for people on the move. CHARLI counts different moves she can do with a hoop. TIM helps the Hi-5 band move their instruments and packs them in a moving van. CHARLI moves boxes using a trolley. SUN moves her gardening things to the garden. CHARLI pretends to be a sprinkler. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about an elf (Tim) who lives in the forest and he loves watching the clear blue sky, but the trees grow taller and taller and watching the sky gets harder, so he moves to the top of the mountains where he meets a goatherd (Sun), a goat (Nathan) and an eagle (Kellie).
35 Try in a different way Switching Around (switching) July 27, 2007
KELLIE and Chats make a new way to say hello. CHARLI imagines two feet saying hello for the first time. SUN packs her toys and she thinks about the best way of sorting them in three containers. CHARLI turns three boxes into different vehicles. TIM invited a beatbox band, but the Hi-5 band take their places while the beatbox band arrive. CHARLI practices fun dance moves. Doctor NATHAN fixes all the shapes. CHARLI can change into any shape because she has visited doctor Nathan. SHARING STORIES: Nathan invents a story about a super hero (Kellie) called Pillowhead who can't listen to people in town (Tim, Sun and Charli) when they call her because the pillow is over her ears.
36 Indoors and outdoors Love All Around (look around) July 30, 2007
NATHAN finds garden gnomes while he does some gardening. CHARLI turns her hands into garden gnomes. KELLIE and Chats go bush camping but Chats starts to miss the indoors. CHARLI jumps and rolls inside a sleeping bag. TIM plays star music but Kellie and Nathan dress up like disco stars. CHARLI dances disco music. SUN looks for a kookaburra but she finds little birds in a nest. CHARLI pretends to be a stilt bird. SHARING STORIES: Sun tells us a story about three ants (Kellie, Charli and Nathan) that always get muddled when they try to march, until they find a wind-up drummer toy (Tim) that helps them to get in the march.
37 Under the surface Love All Around (look around) July 31, 2007
SUN makes a big bug world. CHARLI does a bug dance. NATHAN makes an experiment about what things float and what things sink in the water. CHARLI does swan stretches. TIM looks for his lost sock and makes up an opera about it. CHARLI looks for her lost shoe. Chats looks for her pet tortoise and KELLIE helps her to realize where can it be. CHARLI turns a cave into a comfy and cosy one. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a creature (Charli) that lives under the water in a Scottish lake, three scientists (Nathan, Sun and Kellie) sail the lake to find it but the creature plays tricks on them.
38 How does it work? Love All Around (look around) August 1, 2007
KELLIE bangs a drum to send messages. CHARLI hears a jungle drum and she moves to the rhythm. NATHAN runs a fruit shakes and smoothie bar but he is the only machine in the business. CHARLI goes wild. TIM plays with his weather noise maker 3000, a machine that tells the weather by making a sound related to that sort of day. CHARLI tells us the weather in action. SUN makes a spaceship kite. CHARLI punches a balloon. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about three singers, one of them (Tim) sings in a low voice, another one (Charli) sings in a middle sounding voice, and the last one (Sun) sings in a high voice, but one day they lose their voices and they call a friend (Nathan) who fixes the voices by using a machine.
39 Ways to get around Love All Around (look around) August 2, 2007
SUN goes on a snowboard adventure but Jup Jup changes the landscape. CHARLI pretends to be a husky dog in Alaska pulling a sleigh. KELLIE makes delivers on a paddle steamer. Postie CHARLI delivers a letter. Farmer TIM fixes broken fences. CHARLI pretends to be a scarecrow. NATHAN delivers bricks across the town. CHARLI lifts a big suitcase and a small one. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a land called Glump where the inhabitants (Sun, Tim, Kellie and Charli) love to jump, until they find out new kind of moves and they think of the name the land should have.
40 I wonder? Love All Around (look around) August 3, 2007
NATHAN has a pyjama day adventure. CHARLI does her super active morning warm up. SUN plays with a magnet car. Some magnets pull CHARLI's silvery bracelet. Ostriches TIM and Nathan sing a song to ranger Kellie. CHARLI turns her hand into an ostrich. KELLIE and Chats imagine being the sky painters. CHARLI pretends to be the rainbow painter. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a peacock (Nathan) who hates his colourful tail and he constantly wonders why he had to have it, so he visits the wise animal in the forest (Sun the elephant) because she maybe could change his tail, but along the way he finds a duck (Kellie) who hates his big feet and a moose (Tim) who hates his antlers.
41 Special days Party Street (celebrating) August 6, 2007
SUN makes a pattern of colourful cakes for Meet-your-neighbours party. CHARLI plays flower hopscotch. Chats sets Talk-like-a-mouse day and KELLIE learns about mice. CHARLI celebrates the Walk-like-this day and she walks like a cowgirl, an astronaut and a silly billy. TIM is going to put on an accordion concert but Nathan and Charli are going to put on their own shows too. CHARLI watches a grasshopper on a show. NATHAN buys food at the supermarket for a party. CHARLI goes shopping with her two-wheeled trolley. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about four pixies (Charli, Nathan, Kellie and Sun) that work hard making fairy bread with hundreds and thousands with a help from the machine, but once two of the pixies bump into themselves and the machine gets a receives a wrong dose of ingredients, so the hundreds and thousands get funny shapes.
42 Us with you and me Party Street (celebrating) August 7, 2007
NATHAN goes on a picnic and finds his old teddy bear, so he imagines how would it be if his teddy bear grew along. CHARLI swings on her swing. KELLIE and Chats visit the toy shop where they met by the first time. CHARLI jumps on a pogostick through the broom and mop forest. Busy bee TIM buzzes in harmony with the other busy bees. CHARLI does the bee waggle. SUN makes a friendship band for Charli. Sun's arms become CHARLI's arms. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about twins (Nathan and Kellie) that give presents for each other on their birthday, a knight (Tim) and a dragon (Sun), but when the kids have dinner, the toys come alive and they become great friends as their owners.
43 Nature Party Street (celebrating) August 8, 2007
Chats imagines sailing a boat and KELLIE pretends to be Queen Neptunia. CHARLI pretends to be Queen Neptunia. SUN comes out to the garden but the wind is chilly, so she makes a rockman. CHARLI does some winter warms up. Grandpa frog TIM helps the baby frogs with the jumping training. CHARLI plays a game of a frog that jumps on lily pads and then she pretends to be the frog of the game. NATHAN becomes a bird watcher and looks for very special birds. CHARLI sings about five ducks. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about three girls (Kellie, Sun and Charli) that plant a big seed in the garden and a big magic-lamp-shaped pumpkin grows, then a veggie genie (Tim) appears from the pumpkin and he grants the girls veggie wishes.
44 Difference Party Street (celebrating) August 9, 2007
NATHAN puts different dancing shoes on. CHARLI puts on a glove show. KELLIE and Chats invent names for different noisy things. CHARLI listens to the sounds a box makes and then she does the actions according to the sounds. TIM and Sun dance Spanish flamenco music. CHARLI pretends to be a Spanish dancer. SUN tries on Russian clothes and Thai ones. CHARLI and Tim pretend to be royal guards and they try to make each other laugh. SHARING STORIES: Kellie invents a story about a town where the inhabitants (Tim, Nathan, Charli and Sun) have the festival of the foot every year, where they release their feet and have feet competitions.
45 Feasts and festivals Party Street (celebrating) August 10, 2007
SUN gets everything ready to welcome KATHLEEN and her baby. CHARLI pretends to be a teddy bear. TIM celebrates Chinese New Year with a special song and a dragon. CHARLI practices eating with chopsticks. NATHAN has the Festival of the winds, just like people in Japan and Thailand have when they fly kites. CHARLI throws paper planes through a hoop. KELLIE made a little volcano and she hears it grumble, so she and Chats try to make it happy. CHARLI pretends to be the tummy beast. SHARING STORIES: Sun tells us a story about a pizza parlor, once the cook gets sick and the owner (Nathan) teaches his customers (Kellie, Charli and Tim) to make pizzas, but they make pizzas never seen before.



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