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April 15, 2002

Final airdate

June 14, 2002

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Series 4 premiered on April 15, 2002 on Nine Network. Created by Helena Harris and Posie Graeme-Evans, the original format was produced by Kids Like Us Productions and Nine Films and Television for the Nine Network. And also shown on Nickelodeon during Nick Jr. in Australia. And also shown on Kids Central in Singapore.




Songs of the weekEdit


Number Episode Title Song of the week Airdate
1 House Inside My Heart (inside) April 15, 2002
KATHLEEN sings You Can't See Me. KATHLEEN notices some nibbled fruit and she believes it was a mouse in the house. CHARLI pretends to be a mouse in the house. KELLIE and Chats furnish a dollhouse. CHARLI sings about the bathroom. NATHAN plays with a washing basket, he uses it as a house. CHARLI pretends to be a snail. TIM makes sounds with his rocking horse (Nathan), his clock (Kellie) and his door with bell (Kathleen). CHARLI tidies up her clothes. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a girl (Charli) who wants to play in school, but sometimes her classmates (Nathan, Kathleen, and even Tim) don't want to, and she finds a way to play together.
2 Special places Inside My Heart (inside) April 16, 2002
KELLIE sings Wordplay. KELLIE hangs around in her hammock while she finds words that start with H along with Chats. CHARLI hides under a table. KATHLEEN makes an indoor beach. CHARLI feels very silly in her space. TIM feels very noisy and he play his instruments. CHARLI does some stretches in her space. NATHAN makes a special place of cardboard but it doesn't have too much room. CHARLI's hand likes being inside a glove and her other hand likes being inside a mitten. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a girl (Kellie) who loves her bed because she can pretend to travel anywhere like the jungle, where she meets an hippo (Tim), a toucan (Kathleen) and a jungle girl (Charli).
3 Body Inside My Heart (inside) April 17, 2002
NATHAN pretends to be a doctor and reviews Tim's bones. CHARLI's hands can't stop clapping and her feet can't stop tapping. KATHLEEN is ready to do some workout but Jup Jup makes a mess around her space. CHARLI tests if her elbows and knees are joining. Chats gives KELLIE a necklace with a heart shape, and there's a picture of Chats inside it. CHARLI practices the high jump but she starts to feel afraid. TIM's machine collects sounds from inside the body. CHARLI pretends to be a rumbling tummy. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a professor (Tim) and a doctor (Kathleen) that go on a investigation about why the Yuck Yucks used to laugh too much.
4 Head Inside My Heart (inside) April 18, 2002
KELLIE sings Wordplay. KELLIE tries on different kind of ears. CHARLI makes sounds with her body, trying to imitate sounds made by Tim. TIM, Kellie and Nathan play the music that's inside their heads. CHARLI does moves that come from inside her head. KATHLEEN is sick, so Jup Jup helps her with a recipe of a lemon honey drink. CHARLI massages Kathleen's head. NATHAN imagines being a superhero of a video game. CHARLI pretends to be a taekwondo master. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about three teeth (Charli, Nathan and Kellie) that are always clean, until a piece of spinach (Kathleen) gets stuck between them.
5 Natural world Inside My Heart (inside) April 19, 2002
NATHAN makes a little volcano. CHARLI feels fizzy after opening a bottle of bubbling water. KATHLEEN pretends to be a little kangaroo inside a pouch. CHARLI pretends to be a big red kangaroo. TIM finds termites inside a branch that looks like a didgeridoo. CHARLI imagines how a magical bush creature would be. KELLIE sings Wordplay. Chats finds a cicada shell and KELLIE pretends to be a cicada. CHARLI pretends to be a cicada leaving her small shell. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about three animals (Kellie the slug, Tim the grasshopper and Nathan the bee) that always play together, a ladybird (Charli) arrives and wants to play hopscotch with them, but Kellie can't hop and she gets sad.
6 Garden Going Out (outside) April 22, 2002
NATHAN skips a rope, and then he makes a picture of skipping ropes. CHARLI pretends to skip the rope. KATHLEEN plants some yellow and purple flowers. CHARLI pretends to be a flower seed turning into a flower. TIM makes a song for a frog, about how a frog egg becomes a tadpole and then becomes a frog. CHARLI swims like a frog and a duck. KELLIE takes care of her little garden, that's full of baby tomatoes, lettuce and carrots. CHARLI pretends to be a cob of corn growing. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a boy (Nathan) who visits his grandfather's garden, where he meets a scarecrow (Tim), a bird (Kathleen) and a fairy (Kellie).
7 Beach Going Out (outside) April 23, 2002
NATHAN practices for a surfing safari at the beach. CHARLI plays frisbee, then she pretends to be the frisbee. TIM and Kathleen paint the waves according to their sound. CHARLI pretends to jump over the waves. KELLIE and Chats are sitting on the sand, watching everything and finding words that start with S. CHARLI puts on some sunscreen. KATHLEEN tidies up her beach things. CHARLI enjoys a lazy summer day. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about the Forgetful family, once they went to the beach, Mr. and Mrs. Forgetful (Nathan and Charli) unpack everything and they get proud because they didn't forget anything, but their children (Tim and Kathleen) just want go swimming.
8 Outdoor games Going Out (outside) April 24, 2002
KELLIE makes a tricky skipping rope game. CHARLI skips a slithering rope. TIM and the Hi-5 band step over some stones singing a song at different times. CHARLI jumps from flower to flower. KATHLEEN sings You Can't See Me. KATHLEEN makes an obstacle course indoors, but Jup Jup destroys it and she must make it outside. Kathleen made an obstacle course for CHARLI. NATHAN collects some tins for a crash-bang knocking down game. CHARLI pretends to be an old tin can. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about Nathan's toys, a princess (Kellie) stuck in a sand castle, a royal guard (Tim) tries to rescue her from the dragon (Charli).
9 Great outdoors Going Out (outside) April 25, 2002
KELLIE and Chats stare at a hummingbird (Kathleen) and a cassowary (Tim) from a tree house. CHARLI looks for a hummingbird and a cassowary. NATHAN builds a water feature for Charli. CHARLI sings under the rain. TIM listens to the sounds while he camps. CHARLI sets a camp. KATHLEEN dresses up like a snail. CHARLI slides like a snail and goes like an elephant. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a girl (Kathleen) who goes camping with her mother (Kellie), but she doesn't let her daughter to sleep under the stars, they meet a turtle (Charli) and Tim, and then they decide to sleep inside the tent but watching at the stars.
10 Outside living Going Out (outside) April 26, 2002
Ranger KATHLEEN is on scene and sets a picnic for her animal friends. Ranger CHARLI takes care of a little pretended bird. NATHAN goes on an African Safari and he finds different animals. CHARLI goes on a safari through Congo. TIM climbs a mountain and listens to his echo. Tim does exactly whatever CHARLI does. KELLIE and Chats sail to find a crocodile. CHARLI sails along the Crocodile country. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about Captain Wacko (Tim) who goes on a silly expedition to the silliest Australian town along with his friend (Kellie), they both walk in a silly way and skip, a kangaroo (Kathleen) advices them to normal walking, but they just want to stay silly, and once they arrive they meet Nathan, an inhabitant from that town.
11 Trying something new One Step Forward (can do) April 29, 2002
NATHAN paints with his foot and dances with his hands. CHARLI paints with her feet. KATHLEEN practices the juggling. CHARLI practices bouncing a ball. KELLIE sings Wordplay. Chats reads a book on her own by first time with a little help from KELLIE. CHARLI crawls to the mall to buy a ball. TIM attends to the Hi-5 Marching Band trial but everyone has things to do, so he tries to do everything on his own. CHARLI pretends to play a drum kit and Kellie gives her a real one. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a girl (Charli) who can't remember which is her left hand and which is her right one, her sister (Kathleen), her friend (Nathan) and her dancing teacher (Kellie) help her to get it.
12 Asking for help One Step Forward (can do) April 30, 2002
NATHAN builds a teepee but he can't do it on his own, so he ask Tim for help. CHARLI asks Kathleen for playing a three-legged running race together. KATHLEEN invents a story and Jup Jup helps her giving her some ideas. CHARLI writes sock. TIM wants to play different instruments at time for a song but he finds it hard, so he asks the Hi-5 band for help. CHARLI's hand wants to clap but it needs another hand. Chats wants to be a racing car driver and KELLIE helps her making her own racing car. CHARLI pretends to be a wheel. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a girl (Kellie) who decorates the Christmas tree by herself, but she can't decide for a place for a drummer boy (Tim), a Santa Claus (Nathan) and an angel (Charli), so they come alive and ask her for a specific special place.
13 In a different way One Step Forward (can do) May 1, 2002
NATHAN pretends to be the Shape-Shifting magician, and he makes different pictures using the same shapes. CHARLI makes shapes with her body stretching. The Hi-5 band leaves a big harp for TIM and he tries to discover how to play it. CHARLI does the slipper slide. KATHLEEN decorates a cake with strawberries and blueberries just like another one, but Jup Jup takes away the fruit and she finds another way to decorate the cake. CHARLI carries a piece of cake for Kathleen. KELLIE dropped a cake and gets angry, but she tries different ways to stop her anger. CHARLI shows what she does when she feels grumpy and happy. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a boy (Nathan) who loves his messy bedroom, and when his dad (Tim) asks him for tidy it up, he finds a funny way to do it along with his sister (Kathleen).
14 I can do anything One Step Forward (can do) May 2, 2002
KELLIE can do the cancan, the twist, the cha cha and lots of different dances. CHARLI can do the kick and the jump. TIM likes the funky punky music but he doesn't know that his friends like it too. CHARLI pretends to be a funky punky rocker. KATHLEEN's got a job about fixing everything. CHARLI's got a stiff shoulder and she rolls them. NATHAN pretends to dance around the world. CHARLI pretends to go to the jungle and to swim under the sea. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a girl (Kellie) who tries to train her dog (Nathan), she asks her mother (Kathleen) and brother (Tim) about new tricks for her dog to do.
15 I can fix it One Step Forward (can do) May 3, 2002
KELLIE has got Super Nathan's costume with letters SN on, she becomes Super Nellie. CHARLI flies with a super cape. KATHLEEN makes a duck farm, but Jup Jup takes away her little ducks. CHARLI plays with farm animal toys, about a pig stuck in the mud. TIM says he can make a song about anything and Kellie shows things for him to sing. CHARLI makes a dance about the breakfast. NATHAN builds a tower of different-sized boxes. CHARLI builds a house using her hands, arms and body. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a girl (Kathleen) who meets a funny bunny (Tim) and he grants wishes using his hats, then Kathleen's friend (Charli) and sister (Kellie) appear and they ask for wishes too.
16 Inventions Give It A Go (ideas) May 6, 2002
TIM builds a musical dog house for his dog, Jock. CHARLI invents a new dance for Jock. NATHAN invents a mood-o-meter, so he'll be able to know how he feels. CHARLI adds a goofy face for Nathan's mood-o-meter. KELLIE invents a musical map with pictures on that play a tune. CHARLI dances like a cloud. KATHLEEN makes a clock that tells her which activity she has to do. CHARLI hangs the clothes up to the tick tock beat. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a girl (Kathleen) who invents a robot (Tim) that tidies up her bedroom when her father (Nathan) asks for it, then her mother (Kellie) washes the car and Kathleen makes the robot do it.
17 Imagination Give It A Go (ideas) May 7, 2002
KATHLEEN pretends to be an opera singer. CHARLI pretends to be an opera singer too. KELLIE and Chats imagine to go to an aquarium and visit lots of fish. CHARLI pretends to be a fish. TIM finds a musical house with notes on the wall, spelling the word face. CHARLI pretends to be a musical note. NATHAN imagines to travel to the moon, and there he finds the moon boy (Tim) and they play craterball together. CHARLI plays football on the moon. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about two siblings (Kellie and Nathan) who travel to Zig Zag land by a seesaw, they meet Mr. Ziggy (Tim), who knows children's mother (Charli) because she travelled there a long time ago.
18 Find any way Give It A Go (ideas) May 8, 2002
KELLIE tries on different kind of hats and wonders about her perfect job. CHARLI does some actions and we have to guess which job is she pretending. TIM pretends to be a tyrannosaurus rex playing music. CHARLI pretends to be a dancing dinosaur. NATHAN puts some things in a plastic jar and he will send it to a friend. CHARLI shows different ways to greet. Charli gave KATHLEEN some instructions for a dance she is going to show to Kellie but Jup Jup hides them. CHARLI follows some footprints to dance. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a wobbly wall (Charli), and some other walls (Kellie, Tim and Kathleen) stick together.
19 Creativity Give It A Go (ideas) May 9, 2002
NATHAN uses some things to make pictures. CHARLI pretends to ride a bike. KATHLEEN makes a fish of blocks and another one of cushions. CHARLI finds some cushions and she decides to take a rest. TIM plays the bongos and the Hi-5 band plays different instruments to the rhythm of the bongos. CHARLI starts the conga line and the Hi-5 band follows her. KELLIE and Chats invent a story about a pig and a donkey. CHARLI builds a house of cards. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a man (Nathan) who loves building things, but he isn't very good and his tools (Charli the saw, Kathleen the measuring tape and Kellie the hammer) always help him.
20 Adventure Give It A Go (ideas) May 10, 2002
NATHAN goes on a deep sea diving adventure. CHARLI pretends to be a dolphin. KELLIE and Chats look for animals that start with A. CHARLI pretends to be an albatross. TIM imagines to travel to Brass blowers land, where he becomes a tuba. CHARLI pretends to play a flute, a trumpet and trombone. KATHLEEN makes a game for Kellie, hiding cards inside her wall. CHARLI pretends to swim. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a boy (Tim) who celebrates his birthday having a fancy dress party, so his mother (Charli) helps him to dress up like Captain Wonder, but soon they find out that his friends (Nathan and Kathleen) dress up like Captain Wonder too.
21 Hi-5 fete Celebrate (around us) May 13, 2002
NATHAN sells funny glasses. CHARLI tries on different groovy shoes. TIM invites the Hi-5 band to try the loud-o-meter. CHARLI ate too much food and she can't get up. KATHLEEN sells things from far away places. CHARLI sings about her fan. KELLIE and Chats sell lemonade. CHARLI plays orangeball. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about an ants family, they visit the fete and the children (Kathleen and Nathan) get stuck in some fairy floss, and their parents (Charli and Tim) help them to get out.
22 Fruits and vegetables Celebrate (around us) May 14, 2002
NATHAN becomes a scarecrow to keep the birds away from his veggies. CHARLI pretends to be a scarecrow. KELLIE and Chats cook some pesto pasta. CHARLI touches and feels some veggies without seeing and she guesses them. KATHLEEN wants a fruit snack but Jup Jup changes the fruits. CHARLI sings about a fruit salad. TIM waters and sings to his plants to make them grow and then he can make a salad. CHARLI sings about dinner time. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a boy (Tim) who plants a tomato seed, a plant (Kellie) starts to grow from the seed, but when Tim goes on a holiday, the sun (Charli) and a rain cloud (Nathan) look after the tomato plant.
23 Around the world and celebrations Celebrate (around us) May 15, 2002
TIM sets the World Music Day and everyone plays a different instrument. CHARLI dances flamenco. NATHAN makes a picture of the world and its wonders. CHARLI sings about the world while she does signs. KATHLEEN gets the decoration and a piñata ready for Chats' party. CHARLI makes a birthday song for Chats. KELLIE and the Hi-5 band celebrate Chats' birthday. CHARLI plays with her own piñata. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about two girls (Charli and Kellie) that are about to be flower girls on a wedding, but when Charli's mother (Kathleen) calls them to leave, they find a box full of magic glitter that belongs to a leprechaun (Nathan) and they get invisible hand and feet with it.
24 Dancing and costumes Celebrate (around us) May 16, 2002
KELLIE and Chats dance samba and they join the carnival parade. CHARLI dances samba too. NATHAN dances like an emu and a kangaroo. CHARLI dances like a brolga. TIM plays a Chinese gong, then he dresses up like a Chinese person. CHARLI and the Hi-5 band are part of a dancing dragon. KATHLEEN sings You Can't See Me. KATHLEEN dance to Japanese, Hawaiian and Greek music while she wears costumes. CHARLI and Nathan dance to Greek music. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a handbag shop, somebody buys a school bag (Charli), another person buys a tartan carry all bag (Tim), and another one buys a fluffy handbag (Kathleen), so a shiny handbag (Kellie) stays alone.
25 Animals Celebrate (around us) May 17, 2002
KELLIE pretends to be a frog from Jamaica. CHARLI the snake hides from Kellie the frog but the music starts playing and she moves to the rhythm. Jup Jup hides KATHLEEN's kanga from Kenya and she makes a new one by painting ostrich footprints on a sheet. CHARLI pretends to be a cow. TIM invites cats from around the world to make meowsic together. CHARLI sings about two different cats. NATHAN finds clothes to dress up like different animals. CHARLI pretends to be a fox. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a baby rhino (Tim) that can't balance, his mother (Kellie) tries to make him feel better, until a tick bird (Kathleen) asks him to keep her egg while she builds a nest and he looks after the egg and a baby tick bird (Nathan) is born.
26 Body E.N.E.R.G.Y. (energy) May 20, 2002
KATHLEEN is cold and Jup Jup takes away her warm clothes, so she starts to do exercise. CHARLI skips the rope slower every time. NATHAN, Tim and Kathleen paddle down an imaginary river. CHARLI plays tennis. TIM just had a rest and he feels full of energy to play a trombone. CHARLI feels low, but Tim makes her feel better. KELLIE sings Wordplay. KELLIE blows a balloon, finding energy inside her body. CHARLI uses elbow grease while she cleans using her elbow. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about two cows (Kathleen and Kellie) that just chew and moo all day long, until a calf (Nathan) tells them about a new cow (Charli) that's got new moves and groove.
27 Renewable energy E.N.E.R.G.Y. (energy) May 21, 2002
NATHAN blows a windmill and then he pretends to be one. CHARLI moves along a windmill. KATHLEEN plays fishing and she finds a way to play the same with static electricity. CHARLI imagines her hand is a magnet. Scientist TIM makes a solar-power musical robot. CHARLI pretends to be a robot who is powered by the sun. KELLIE makes a wind vane. CHARLI walks in the summer breeze, suddenly the wind starts to blow stronger. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a girl (Charli) who is about to make her first snowman, she does it on her own because her father (Tim) is a little bit busy, and once she gets it, the snowman (Nathan) comes alive and they play together.
28 Machines E.N.E.R.G.Y. (energy) May 22, 2002
KELLIE and Chats fly helicopters. CHARLI pretends to be two helicopters. NATHAN plays with springs and goes on a pogostick race against Tim. CHARLI pretends to be a spring. TIM and the Hi-5 band sing Feel The Beat. TIM finds sounds on Kellie's bike. CHARLI pretends to ride an upside down bike. KATHLEEN looks for wheels for her train. CHARLI fills her car with petrol and then she rides it. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a snail (Tim) that looks for a car, he visits the slug's (Kellie) bug car yard, but a ladybird (Kathleen) and a caterpillar (Charli) buy first the cars he wants.
29 House E.N.E.R.G.Y. (energy) May 23, 2002
NATHAN puts on his super energy dust busting suit to clean all around. CHARLI pretends to be a washing machine. KATHLEEN decorates her window. CHARLI pretends to be a sunflower growing. TIM uses his metronome to play his guitar while Nathan plays some tricks on him. CHARLI's fingers dance to the metronome beat. KELLIE imagines her toothbrush was an electric one. CHARLI pretends to be a hairdresser. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a lonely picture frame (Nathan) who goes looking for friends while his owner (Kathleen) is sleeping, so he finds a plate (Charli) and a cowboy hat (Tim) to hang by him.
30 Food E.N.E.R.G.Y. (energy) May 24, 2002
KELLIE makes energy biscuits, using sultanas to write a word. CHARLI ate a Kellie's biscuit and she feels full of energy. KATHLEEN pretends to be a rabbit collecting carrots and making a carrot drink. CHARLI pretends to be a rabbit eating and hopping. TIM makes music while he cooks because he is very hungry. CHARLI pretends to make porridge. NATHAN, Kellie, Tim and Kathleen play a guessing game about dancing like fruits and vegetables. CHARLI pretends to be a pumpkin and a celery. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about food from a grocery store, where they play their games every night, and this time three jellies (Nathan, Kathleen and Tim) play the jelly-wobble competition, while a piece of cheese (Kellie) is the judge.
31 Babies Move It (patterns) May 27, 2002
NATHAN pretends to be a baby shark. CHARLI pretends to be a silly shark. KELLIE and Chats play a matching game where they must dress up like an egg, a chick or a hen at time. CHARLI remembers the time she had chicken pox. TIM pretends to be a baby magpie learning to sing. Kellie teaches CHARLI to whistling. KATHLEEN pretends to be a bee collecting pollen and taking it back to baby bees. CHARLI pretends to eat some fruit and we have to guess which one. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a girl (Kathleen) who gets excited when her parents (Tim and Kellie) bring her a new brother (Nathan), but he doesn't stop crying.
32 Recycling Move It (patterns) May 28, 2002
TIM makes a drum kit of old tins. CHARLI matches some jars with their lids. NATHAN makes a puppet of rubbish. CHARLI pretends to be a puppet of recycled clothes. KATHLEEN sings You Can't See Me. Jup Jup made a mess and KATHLEEN separates all the garbage to recycle. CHARLI recycles Move Your Body song, changing the lyrics. Chats has a garage sale and KELLIE helps her. CHARLI looks for her reading glasses. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about an old unstable table (Kellie) and her owners (Kathleen and Nathan) fix it to keep it.
33 Routines Move It (patterns) May 29, 2002
KATHLEEN is going away for the weekend and makes a list of all things she will take. CHARLI pretends to brush her hair, her fingernails and her shoes. TIM wonders which time of the morning is the best for him to practice the saxophone. CHARLI stretches her muscles to dance. NATHAN does some slow exercises. CHARLI does Nathan's exercises. Chats is about to sleep and KELLIE reads her a story about a baby brown bunyip. CHARLI tells us she sleeps in different ways. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a rude prince (Tim) who never says please or thank you, his server (Nathan), his cook (Charli) and his friend (Kellie) make a plan to make him start saying those words.
34 Nature cycles Move It (patterns) May 30, 2002
TIM plays a drum copying the sound of the waves. CHARLI pretends to be a wave. KELLIE shakes clothes imitating the ocean, while Chats pretends to be the sun and a storm cloud. CHARLI rolls her arms like if they were waves. KATHLEEN sings You Can't See Me. KATHLEEN shows how the world spins around. CHARLI spins a hula hoop around and then she spins around too. NATHAN talks about the phases of the moon. CHARLI pretends to be the moon in its different phases. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about an astronaut (Nathan) and his daughter (Charli), they get visitors (Kathleen and Tim) from planet Blue and have dinner together.
35 Pictures Move It (patterns) May 31, 2002
KELLIE gets a kete from her friend who lives in Aotearoa. CHARLI uses a poi to dance in a Maori way. TIM hears a rhythm and imagines being at Rhythm City, where everyone do everything at the same rhythm. CHARLI pretends to be a postie from Rhythm City. KATHLEEN follows a pattern to dance, but Jup Jup makes some pictures dissappear. CHARLI makes a rhythm with her body. NATHAN makes patterns using footprints and handprints. CHARLI makes patterns with her hands, just like a kaleidoscope. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about four shoes (Kellie, Charli, Kathleen and Tim) that put on a show, Kellie is in charge, Charli does some juggling and Tim plays a guitar while Kathleen dances, but she is afraid of dancing in front of new shoes.
36 Feelings Hand in Hand (teamwork) June 3, 2002
NATHAN, Kathleen, Tim and Kellie practice the bush dance in a square. CHARLI dances with heels and toe. KATHLEEN and Nathan make lamingtons. CHARLI pretends to cook using her wooden spoon, her measuring cup and her rolling pin. TIM pretends to be a magician that turns a guitar into an ukulele. CHARLI pretends to be a magician too. KELLIE and Chats talk about ladybirds. CHARLI pretends to be different-winged animals. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a girl (Charli) who has a picnic with her doll (Kellie) and builds a sandcastle with a spade (Tim) and a truck (Nathan).
37 Games Hand in Hand (teamwork) June 4, 2002
Chats is KELLIE's soccer coach because it rains outside. CHARLI practices with a soccer ball and then she plays against Kellie. NATHAN, Kathleen, Kellie and Tim play chinkle winkle, a game where they have to guess the body shape the others will do. CHARLI plays musical statues. TIM and Kathleen play an opposite game. CHARLI sings about opposites. KATHLEEN and Kellie build pyramids of cards. CHARLI makes diamonds using her hands, arms and legs. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a yellow pencils party (Charli, Kellie and Nathan), when suddenly a blue pencil (Kathleen) appears.
38 Thoughts and memories Hand in Hand (teamwork) June 5, 2002
KELLIE shows a memory book full of her baby memories. CHARLI pretends to be a baby. TIM makes a happy song and asks the others how does it make them feel. CHARLI feels proud of being herself. KATHLEEN sorts her photos and she must choose six of them to frame them. CHARLI and Kathleen play hockey. NATHAN teaches us how to tie the shoelaces. CHARLI ties a bow around her panda's head. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about a letter-box where an express parcel (Charli), a phone bill (Kathleen), a birthday card (Nathan) and a Mexican post card (Tim) talk about themselves.
39 Jobs Hand in Hand (teamwork) June 6, 2002
KATHLEEN and Kellie fix a broken chair. CHARLI paints a chair. NATHAN and Tim dress up like clowns to cheer at a party. CHARLI and Kellie dress up like clowns too. TIM and the Hi-5 band make rattles for a soccer match. CHARLI and Tim practice the Hi-5 cry (cheer). KELLIE uses tools to work in the garden. CHARLI tries to reach for a flower up high. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a school for statues, where a teacher (Tim) teaches his students (Kathleen, Kellie and Charli) how to keep still.
40 Making a movie Hand in Hand (teamwork) June 7, 2002
Everyone gets a job for the Hi-5 movie. KELLIE and Chats write the script. CHARLI is the choreographer until Kellie tells her there won't be any dances in the movie anymore. KATHLEEN makes the props for the movie, including the costumes and a signpost. CHARLI acts like a signpost. TIM makes the sound effects and a song for the movie. CHARLI and the Hi-5 band do adventurer moves together. NATHAN gets the set ready. CHARLI acts like a sneaky, greedy adventurer. SHARING STORIES: For the Hi-5 movie, Chats tells us a story about two adventurers (Tim and Kellie) looking for a purple and pink singing platypus (Kathleen), and a greedy adventurer (Charli) tries to stop them because she wants a treasure, but a wombat (Nathan) leads them to the platypus creek.
41 Colours Reach Out (finding out) June 10, 2002
NATHAN paints a screen for Kathleen. CHARLI matches the colours with her feelings. KELLIE makes a fruit salad rainbow. CHARLI peels an orange. TIM plays rainbow coloured playing pipes. CHARLI dances with rainbow-coloured clothes. KATHLEEN wonders why the is sea blue. CHARLI pretends to go on skis. SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about a boy (Tim) who wants to build a sand castle and three crabs (Nathan, Kathleen and Kellie) help him.
42 About and around me Reach Out (finding out) June 11, 2002
TIM finds his own groove to dance jazz. CHARLI dances to jazz music. KATHLEEN looks at the little garden creatures and counts their legs. CHARLI becomes a butte-hopper-eetle. KELLIE makes a tiny soccer field and blows at the ball with a straw. CHARLI does moves that a dice tells her. NATHAN pretends to be a starfish. CHARLI explains what do the crabs do. SHARING STORIES: Nathan tells us a story about a young star (Kellie) who wants to get brighter, her friend (Charli) and her big sister (Kathleen) help her a little bit, but then Kellie goes where the keeper of the night sky (Tim) is.
43 Experiments Reach Out (finding out) June 12, 2002
KATHLEEN makes a bubble mixture. CHARLI plays with balloons. Scientists TIM and Kellie make instruments from ordinary things. CHARLI makes her bed. NATHAN makes different shapes of clay. CHARLI makes a cat of playdough. KELLIE and Chats make a fizzer bath for a rubber duck. CHARLI has taken a bath and she gets dry with a towel. SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about three cookbooks (Tim, Kellie and Nathan) that can never get stand and the last one always falls over until they call a bookend (Charli).
44 Cleverness Reach Out (finding out) June 13, 2002
KATHLEEN pretends to sail a boat and looks for a lighthouse before it gets dark. CHARLI pretends to be a sailor. KELLIE and Chats find out which liquid is the heavier and which one is lighter. CHARLI pretends to be a rubber duck and a bar of soap. TIM and the Hi-5 band make mouth music. NATHAN plays with a whompy toy, he mixes the parts of its body. CHARLI imagines how would it be if the parts of our bodies had another function. SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about a girl (Charli) who finds a baby stegosaurus (Kathleen) in the garden and they become best friends, but the stegosaurus is very shy when her Charli's parents (Nathan and Kellie) are around.
45 Creativity Reach Out (finding out) June 14, 2002
Miner NATHAN goes underground to collect precious rocks. CHARLI pretends to cross a tunnel that gets lower. KATHLEEN has three wishes and Jup Jup grants her them all but in a wrong way. CHARLI does genie magic movements. TIM plays a African double-headed drum and imagines African crane birds. CHARLI leaps around. KELLIE and Chats play a guessing game, one of them acts like whatever a card says without telling a word and the other one guesses that action. CHARLI does a rain dance expecting it starts to rain. SHARING STORIES: Kellie tells us a story about three elves (Kathleen, Charli and Tim) that help Santa (Nathan) to deliver presents while he has a cold on Christmas eve.

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