Fely Irvine
Hi-5 perfil fely
Member from Hi-5 Australia
Birth name: Fely Irvine
Date of birth: January 9th, 1989
Place of birth: Davao City, Philippines
Segment: Puzzles And Patterns
Years active: 2009-2012
Series: 11-13
Episodes: 135
First episode: On safari
Last episode: Musical instruments
Replaced: Sun Pezzimenti
Replaced by: Dayen Zheng

Fely Irvine (born 9 January 1989) is an actress, singer and dancer. She was member of Hi-5 from 2009 until 2011 and became a contestant in The Voice. She replaced Sun Pezzimenti in 2009 and was in turn succeeded by Dayen Zheng in 2012. Fely is of half-Filipina and half-Scottish descent and lives in Australia.

Personal lifeEdit

Fely became engaged to Home and Away star Tai Hara in 2015.


  • Fely is the only member of second generation Hi-5 who didn't replace an original member.