Fairy Bread
Charli S5 E18 2
Songlet by Charli Robinson
Series: 5
Episode: 18
Album: Holiday & Holiday (re-album)
DVD: Come On And Party
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Hi-5 Fairy Bread

Hi-5 Fairy Bread

Fairy Bread is a songlet from Series 5 by Charli Robinson.


Jump out, legs wide
Arms stretch out from either side
Just like the bread that's really yummy
Can't wait to get it in my tummy.

Dip down, scoop up
Scoop that butter out of the tub
Swing your arms from left to right
Spreading butter's a finny sight.

Hold up your arms, hold them high
Sprinkle them down right from the sky
Sprinkles falling through the air
Do the butter where there's happy there.

Make some fairy bread
Whoa oh oh oh!
Whoa oh oh oh!