Doni Allende
Hi-5 perfil doni
Member from Hi-5 Fiesta
Birth name: Adán Allende
Date of birth: July 4th, 1991
Place of birth: Aspen, Colorado, USA
Segment: Making Music
Years active: 2015
Series: 1-2
Episodes: 25
First episode: Special days
Last episode: Magical stories
Replaced: -
Replaced by: Rodri Llamas

Adán Allende, well known as Doni Allende, was a member of Hi-5 Fiesta. Since he was a little child, he studied acting and singing. He was part of the movies Patrulla del Caribe and Slayer. He left Hi-5 after filming the first series, being replaced by Rodri Llamas.


  • Doni is the only member of all the Hi-5 history to change his real name.