Come On And Party
Come On And Party
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July 8, 2004 (Australia) and November 7, 2005 (UK)

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Come On And Party is a 15th Hi-5 Australia VHS and DVD in July 8, 2004, released by Roadshow Entertainment in Australia. And in UK released in November 7, 2005 by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment in UK.

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  • The Hi-5 band jumps in an inflatable castle.
  • Come On And Party
  • DJ TIM makes music for the Hi-5 band.
  • KATHLEEN sells animals costumes for animals.
  • CHARLI pretends to be in Bounceland.
  • NATHAN, Kellie, Tim and Kathleen make a domino chain reaction.
  • KELLIE and Chats go shopping but they forget the list of food.
  • CHARLI explains us how to make fairy bread.
  • SHARING STORIES: Kathleen tells us a story about a girl (Charli) who makes a remote control that speeds up the time, so when her father (Nathan) asks her to tidy up her bedroom, she can do it very fast, but when her friends (Kellie and Tim) are coming for her birthday, the remote control gets out of control and the party goes so fast.
  • Build It Up
  • NATHAN works on the road fixing a broken pipe.
  • KELLIE tries to have a quiet time by imagining flying through the clouds.
  • CHARLI grooves to disco music.
  • KATHLEEN makes a butterfly cake for Charli.
  • Nathan asks TIM to make a surprise party song but he doesn't tell him who is it for.
  • CHARLI has got crazy hair for the crazy dance competition.
  • SHARING STORIES: Tim tells us a story about three dazzling ducks (Kathleen, Charli and Kellie) that want a new dancer to join them and they put on an audition, but they get surprised when a disco cat (Nathan) arrives instead of a duck.
  • L.O.V.E. (re-make)
  • The Hi-5 band is in a pool of balls and they say goodbye.

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  • UK Universal Studios Home Entertainment Warning Screen
  • Universal Studios Home Entertainment Logo
  • FACT
  • Video special - Hi-5 Fun Trailer

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