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CG-style Casey Burgess Hi-5
Birth name Casey Anne Burgess
Born December 19, 1988
Origin Sydney, Australia
Activities Singer
Seasons 3 (11-13)
Episodes: 135
First episode: Explore, pt.1
Last episode: Music, pt. 5
Years: 2008-2013
Hi-5 perfil casey

Casey Anne Burgess (December 19, 1988, New South Wales, Sydney - Australia) is an australian actress, best know for her role in australian kids band, Hi-5 (entitled Hi-5 2009), Casey is the replacement of Charli Robinson but makes Word Play Segment (Kellie Crawford) from 2009 to 2013. In her first year in the group, she had blonde hair, and in the second year (currently) was golden blonde. In December 2012, Casey announced that the Christmas Special with the group would be the last performance, but fourteen years old the final performances were up to January 19, 2013 for attempt to give her solo career. Her replacement is Mary Lascaris in January 23, 2013. In the same segment (Word Play) to come in Hi-5 House Series 1, will be succeeded by Lauren Brant. Her favourite animal is panda. her Chatterbox



  • Casey was replaced by Mary in 2013.
  • Casey had originally blonde hair.
  • Casey was in the group for fourteen years old and playing her Chatterbox.


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