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    If you've been watching Hi-5 Australia, Hi-5 USA, Hi-5 UK, etc. What you might not notice is how some of the songs have a different duration in the "song of the week" segment. North South East West lasts for 2 minutes 43 seconds. The chorus is sung twice before and after each verse. But in Hi-5 USA, the chorus is only sung once before singing the first and second verses. But it is sung twice at the end of the song only limiting it to only 2 minutes 17 seconds. However, Hi-5 USA had the song North South East West last for 2 minutes 43 seconds on the album version on both the Hi-5 USA album and the Hi-5 series 2 album. Three Wishes lasts for 2 minutes and 33 seconds on both the Hi-5 series 2 album and on the Hi-5 USA album. On Hi-5 USA, that…

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    Hi-5 USA Layout

    August 4, 2018 by Positive1

    Hi-5 USA was very different to how Hi-5 Australia was set up. First and foremost, Hi-5 Australia had 4 body move segments on most episodes. On Hi-5 USA, there was only 1, 2 and sometimes 3 body move segments. There was still a song of the week layout that happens after the intro of the show. The kids' voices sounded different compared to how it was done in Hi-5 Australia. In Hi-5 USA, the wordplay intro is where 6 building blocks create a big triangle. At the top of the triangle of building blocks with an "A". In the middle, there was a human hand and a human face. On the bottom was a "B", a star and a "C". This was used in almost every single episode where there was a wordplay segment. The other intros from Hi-5 USA were actually taken fr…

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    If you're trying to figure out the words to songlets, here are some tips you can try. Tip #1: listen to who is singing. Try to pick up what words you think you heard. If you see a songlet with this symbol […] which is the square brackets and three periods, they can't figure out what the exact words are. Tip #2: Activate the closed captioning icon on any YouTube video. It'll tell you what it thinks the words are that it heard. But that might not work when fessing this up to a registered admin. Tip #3: Download a YouTube audio file and then look for this icon […] on a page for this wiki. Next, if you have Wavepad Sound Editor, change the speed of the audio file to a slow speed and then listen to the audio file you're working with. With this …

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    Not every songlet appears in every single episode of Hi-5. A lot of songlets would last for less than 30 seconds or maybe a bit more. There was an official intro for the Puzzles and Patterns segment titled as "You Can't See Me", 1 from the Shapes in Space segment and 2 from the Wordplay segment. While some songlets have a title and some of them don't. Some songlets used the same melody but with different lyrics. Even some "Song of the Week" tunes were used as songlets like "So Many Animals", "Ready or Not", "Feelings" and "Three Wishes" just to name a few. Feel free to comment below for your opinion on this blog post.

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    Hi-5 USA Cast

    April 10, 2018 by Positive1

    Birth Name Current Name
    Shaun Michael Taylor-Corbett Shaun Taylor-Corbett
    Karla Cheatham Mosley Karla Cheatham Mosley
    Curtis John Cregan Curtis Cregan
    Kimberly Jonelle Balmilero Kimee Balmilero
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    Birth Name Present Name
    Kellie Hoggart Kellie Crawford
    Charli Robinson Charli Robinson
    Kathleen De Leon Kathleen De Leon Jones Read more >
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    Favorite Hi-5 Songs

    March 22, 2018 by Positive1

    This is a list of my favorite songs from Hi-5.

    • Five Senses
    • L O V E
    • Move Your Body

    • North South East West
    • Feelings
    • So Many Animals
    • Three Wishes
    • Robot Number 1
    • Feel The Beat

    • Boom Boom Beat
    • Opposites Attract
    • Friends Forever
    • I Spy
    • You're My Number One

    • Celebrate
    • Energy
    • Move It
    • Reach Out

    • Come On And Party

    • How Much Do I Love You?
    • I'm Feeling Fine

    • Making Music

    • Wish Upon A Star

    • Party Street

    • Dream On
    • It's a Party
    • Ready or Not
    • Techno World
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  • Albert Tex12

    ((Un)Fortunately) There is no "one" in the Hi-5!!! The different generations and versions of the program has its merits. Original means that is what is done in an extraordinary way, not deriving from previous state. Many do not understand or did not inform their decisions of their favorite members of the program. Because the followers come into social networking on the new generation of Hi-5 and has the same question:

    "Where are the old Hi-5?"
    Not to be using the same argument, will understand because they changed.

    Once your old favorites members no longer part they accepted the decision, provided that the new members came. Knowing that each period and renewal, a new youth group is formed and that perhaps would be changed every 3-5 years. In the…

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