Australian version (2005)Edit

Action Heroes
Action Heroes
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Release Date(s)

July 7, 2005 (Australia) and March 13, 2006 (UK)

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Action Heroes was the 17th Hi-5 Australia VHS and the next DVD, released in July 7, 2005 by Roadshow Entertainment in Australia and released in March 13, 2006 by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment in UK.

This DVD won the 2006 Australian DVD and Video Industry Awards for Best DVD Marketing Campaign.

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  • Nathan, Kathleen, Tim, Charli and Kellie do different things on their own when their watches start to beep, so they join together for a water slide competition.
  • Action Hero
  • TIM helps Hyper Guy (Nathan) following him around and making super hero music for him.
  • KATHLEEN tries out for the tennis team, but Jup Jup takes away the ball and changes it for an ice hockey puck and then for a golf ball.
  • CHARLI, Kathleen, Nathan and Kellie take part in a swimming medley relay.
  • NATHAN and Tim practice silly party games.
  • KELLIE pretends to do rock climbing to rescue Chats from the top of the mountain.
  • CHARLI climbs up a rigging but she stops to do some push ups.
  • SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about three super heroes (Kellie "Captain Zoom", Nathan "Super Spy" and Kathleen "Fairy Fabulous") seeing who of them was the most super, when suddenly an ordinary boy (Tim) appears and proves his human powers.
  • T.E.A.M.
  • Kathleen and Kellie contest on NATHAN's TV show: What's that action?.
  • KELLIE and Chats make their own flag semaphore signs, then Chats pretends to be a lighthouse and Kellie a ship.
  • CHARLI practices cheering for a team.
  • KATHLEEN flies in a hot air balloon.
  • TIM starts a fitness session, so he runs a Hi-5 disco workout. 
  • CHARLI pretends to be a racing car driver.
  • SHARING STORIES: Charli tells us a story about two sisters (Kathleen and Kellie) who find a box and turn it into a fairy racer, but then their brothers (Tim and Nathan) want it to be wizard mobile.
  • Planet Disco
  • The Hi-5 band is ready for a quiet time when their watches start to beep again.

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American version (2006)Edit

Action Heroes
Hi-5 USA Action Heroes dvd
Front Cover


December 5, 2006

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Making Music

Action Heroes was the fifth Hi-5 USA DVD in December 5, 2006 by Well Go USA.

Songs IncludeEdit

Special FeaturesEdit

  • Sing-along Feature
  • Karaoke Feature

Hi-5 American CastEdit

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